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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Promoting through Social Media

Social Media Sites
Promoting on Etsy


When I first started on Etsy 9 years ago, life was completely different.  Doing a Treasury was a sure guarantee that your items were being seen by many others promoting on Etsy.  As with everything, times have changed.  Two years ago Etsy announced that Treasury’s were no longer a good way to Promote your items, indicating that with so many outside sources (Social Media sites) that the only way to promote your Shop and items was through Social Media.  These sites, outside of Etsy, are Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Wanelo – just to name a few.  I have found that posting your items on Google+ is the best source for promoting outside of Etsy (I will explain why and the whole process in a bit).

Before you start any promotion on Social Media sites, you first need to make sure all the titles of your items are listed by using “Key Words”.
For those of you not familiar with using Key Words, from experience I can tell you that by changing my titles using the Key Words for a specific item has greatly increased its views on many within my Shops.

SEO, Search Engine, is using best the possible words to describe your Shop and your items, words that a Buyer would use when looking for a specific item.  When retitling your item descriptions, think like a shopper - what words would you use when looking for a specific item or Shop? Keep these Keywords in mind when “Tagging” your item’s listings, helps place your listing in the various “Browse” pages and “Categories” on Etsy, as well as getting founKumihimo Beaded Bracelet Braided Bracelet Ruby Onyx Czech Glass d through Etsy's on-site search function.  I will be glad to help you finding the exact “keywords” and explain in more detail how to retitle a specific item.
Once this is done you are now ready to start promoting your specific items on the various Social Media sites. If you use Pinterest, consider making as many Boards as possible, so when promoting your items or an item from another Shop, then can be easily found in various topics. I have set up a specific Board for each Team I am on – posting my Team’s items on these Boards, then repost them in other sections best describing their item.
Google+, as I mentioned is one of the best Social Media site you can promote items from your Shops, as well as those of your Teammates.  To see what I am referring to, this is my Google+ site -  If you notice you have a home page, as well as a profile page (which only shows items I have promoted) the home page shows items that others you may be connected with have posted items.  When you post an item you will see next to the comments a small circle with a +1 in it.  Make sure you click that +1 – each time someone reclicks that +1 – it moves your item higher up in the Google Search page.  As an example, I have taken one of Natasha’s items (MermaidsWhispers) and posted on my Google+ home page (which shows up on my Profile page also) by posting the URL of the item – right under the URL – *it is important to #hashtag exactly the information in the URL – then #hashtag the Shop’s name.  Once posted I will click +1 and leave a comment.  Each person who goes in clicks +1 on your item – it will move it up in a Google Search – hopefully to p1!

        Mason Jar Wedding Sand Ceremony Set 

 this is item now posted on my Profile page and Home page – each person who goes in and clicks +1 – helps move your item up to the first page of Google Search.  By using the description of the item “Wedding Sand Ceremony Jar Set” in Google Search – it now shows up on p.1 of Google Search.  You can do this as often as you like for your items or a particular item you wish to Promote!!! 
I will continue each week to explain more of other Social Media sites, such as Wanelo, Twitter, my Promotional Blog site, etc.
Please feel free to contact me via convo if through this Blog to ask any questions you may have.  Hope this helps. 


Memories for Life said...

Thanks for the G+ tips. I have an account, but honestly don't ever visit it. I just add my blogs from my blog page. I'll have to give it a little more time!

Pamela Baker said...

Many have found this to be the best Promotional site - but using the #Hashtags & +1 is the important part

Natashalh said...

Thank you for the explanation (and for using one my items for an example!). I rarely get any engagement on G+, but it seems I need to hashtag differently. I look forward to seeing your other social media post explanations!

Duni said...

I was sorry to see the Treasury feature cancelled. I used to get so many views from those! I should try posting my handmade items on Google+ as you describe!
Currently my most successful social media site is Instagram :)

Pamela Baker said...

Duni - they didn't cancel the Treasury feature. In fact it is easier now with the "treasury box". Etsy just said they don't hold as much of relevance as they did a few years ago. Many do disagree, as we still are all doing Treasury's, but it is just as important to promote on Social Media sites as well!

dreneewilson said...

I rarely ever use G+. My "circles" there just aren't a fraction of the size or garner engagement the way Insta or Fb does.
Hashtags I'm down with #😉

BeadedTail said...

I've never used Google+ so I'm bookmarking this for a reference! Thank you so much for the tips Pam! Much appreciated!