Monday, May 24, 2010

Memorial of Doves

On the wings of this white Dove, I’ll set your spirit free.
Up into the big deep sky, to heaven, where you’ll be.
I know God has a plan for us.
But it is hard for us to understand when we are left behind.
Little Dove, lift our hearts as we watch your go.
God is there if we just ask, to watch our loved ones
In the Heavens where your spirit is free.

Yesterday, my daughter Kelly, my cousin Michael, and myself, attended a beautiful ceremony, for all those who past away this past year. The Memorial Service and Dove Release was sponsored by the Funeral home where my Aunt Joyce was buried from this past February. The director of the Funeral home came up with this idea in a way to honor his own mother who past away this year also; and thought it would be nice to invite others who have lost someone dear to them to join in this dedication. After a brief service inside the home, in which they had digitial photo’s of each person being honored, we then all went out onto the back lawn, where in a huge circle were heart shaped baskets, each filled with a dove. It was so beautiful to watch as we all opened the baskets at the same time, and the Doves took flight towards the heavens. I thought it was a special way to remember a loved one and wanted to share some of the moments with you in the pictures we took.


ZudaGay said...

How touching and I'm sure it was just beautiful to watch. Thank you for sharing, Pammy, I've never heard of this being done before.

Beth said...

Wonderful way of celebrating someones life.

mfiorillo said...

Pam, Thank you for your kind words! Due to such an overwelming response from attendees we plan on holding this service for the community each year in May. Please visit in the coming months to reserve the date.