Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Summertime" Promotional Blog.OnFireforHandmade Vendors

"Summertime" Promotional Blog
June 13 - June 18

Featuring Members from the
OnFireforHandmade Vendor Shops

Summertime  - is a "PROMOTIONAL BLOG" featuring some of the lovely 

items from the Vendor Shops from “OnFireforHandmade”.

Since this is the first Blog featuring our Vendor Shops, I have chosen (1) item 

from a few Shops.  If the Blog is successful and well received, I will try to do 

Promotional Blog each month with more details and Shops.

Although I will be doing most of the Promoting on various Social Media Sites – 

do ask that those Shops featured to please take a second to help promote some 

of the many wonderful “Items” that are featured on your Social Media sites.

This is a great chance to get your items noticed, get views, and hopefully some 


This Blog will run from Wednesday, June 13 until Sunday, June 18.


Anne Hopfer said...

What a wonderful feature! Thank you for including my Oaklie's Fashions!

Anne Sherwood said...

Thank you for including my shawl from Annesknits.

Marcia Mckinzie said...

Thank you, Pam, for including my painting from Marcia McKinzie Art!

Pamela Baker said...

Thanks Anne Sherwood - I will be doing more of these Promotional Blogs, will let you know when..

Thanks Anne Hopfer and Marcia for all your help promoting!!

Nancy Anderson said...

Fabulous....thank you, Pam, for including my necklace.....

Anita Collins said...

Thank you for including my Peace Sign! Pinned and tweeted all.

Pamela Baker said...

Thanks Nancy & Anita - hope the Blog helped a little with Sales or at least views!!!