Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Summertime" Promotional Blog.OnFireforHandmade Vendors

"Summertime" Promotional Blog
June 13 - June 18

Featuring Members from the
OnFireforHandmade Vendor Shops

Summertime  - is a "PROMOTIONAL BLOG" featuring some of the lovely 

items from the Vendor Shops from “OnFireforHandmade”.

Since this is the first Blog featuring our Vendor Shops, I have chosen (1) item 

from a few Shops.  If the Blog is successful and well received, I will try to do 

Promotional Blog each month with more details and Shops.

Although I will be doing most of the Promoting on various Social Media Sites – 

do ask that those Shops featured to please take a second to help promote some 

of the many wonderful “Items” that are featured on your Social Media sites.

This is a great chance to get your items noticed, get views, and hopefully some 


This Blog will run from Wednesday, June 13 until Sunday, June 18.