Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"Christmas Shopping Blog #6 - Dec 7 - Dec 13, 2016


Dec 7 - Dec 13, 2016

18 days left until Christmas, there is still time to purchase that perfect Christmas Gift for our loved ones! 
This is the 6th Week of the “Christmas Shopping” Blog featuring a few items from various Shops I thought might just be on your Christmas lists!  Besides the lovely items featured, if you click on the link (picture) it will take you the Vendor’s Shop where you will find more wonderful gifts that might just catch your eye!!!!

Each week I have been featuring (2) items from various different Shops and Teams on my Blogs until Christmas; updating the Blog weekly with new Shops and Gift Ideas.  Although I have been doing most of the promoting on various Social Media sites throughout the Holiday Season, so many featured artists are also taking time to promote many of the featured “gifts” onto their own Social Media sites!  A special “Thank You” to those of you busy promoting!

If you wish to catch up on past “Gift Ideas” I have posted many of the featured items from the past few weeks from my “Blogspot” Blog to my Blog on WordPress. Take a second to stop by and see what you just might have missed!

This Blog features “Christmas Gift” items from my Blogs Weeks 1 through 3 and a Blog of Weeks 4 & 5– to see a complete listing of all items.  See the bottom of this Blog for the various Links.


To see many of past Gifts by these talented “Handmade” Artists and their – please click on the Links below which will take you to our past Blogs:  

I hope to feature (2) items from different Shops each week on my Blog until Christmas.  Although I will be doing most of the Promoting on various Social Media Sites – please feel free to take a second and promote some of the many wonderful “Gifts” that are featured.

This is a great chance to get your items noticed, get views, and hopefully some Sales!!!!

This Blog will run until next Tuesday, December 13; at which time I will start the last List of Christmas items from different Shops to help with your Holiday Shopping!