Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Day in the Life


Often we have those days when you just want to sit, relax, dream, read, write, escape from cells phones, computers, etc. also known as “alone time”.  My favorite place to go is Manor Park, in Larchmont, NY. 

Dating back to 1892, Manor Park is situated along the Long Island Sound.  Sitting on the rocks over the water, one can look across the Sound and see the outline of Long Island; looking to the right, you see the outline of lower Manhattan
As it is the quietest, but most beautiful place you can image, it is no wonder I have spent many years coming here to just sit here to daydream.  Often I climb down the cliff of rocks where the whole world disappears except the beauty in front of you.

These are a few pictures I have taken at Manor Park, where you can see and even feel the peacefulness of this hidden Park along the water.

This picture was taken of just a few of the many sailboats one can sit and be mesmerized by as they quietly float by.  If you look past the sailboats you can see the outline of Long Island in the shadows.

This is one of the many spots I like to curl up in the rocks and read or write in my journal.

Me enjoying the peacefulness

My friend Susan

This is one of the many spots I like to curl up in along the rocks and read or write in my journal.

Manor Park is approximately 1 mi long, where one can walk along the pathway.  I took this picture last Spring as the Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom, just one of the many beautiful scenes along the way.

Cherry Blossoms in Manor Park


Natashalh said...

What a lovely park! I really enjoy sailing. Even though I grew up in SC, we used to drive to Mystic Seaport CT every summer so I could do their sail training program!

Duni said...

Spending time by ourselves is crucial for creatives like us! The Manor Park sounds lovely. I love cherry blossoms :)

Memories for Life said...

How nice to have a place to get away from all the noise in the city and just relax :)
I just got a zero-gravity chair and plan to relax on the patio with a good magazine and a cold glass of wine :)

Pamela Baker said...

Natasha - We often had class trips to Mystic. My cousin lives there. Did you happen to go to "Mystic Pizza"? She has worked there for over 30 years! Didn't know they had a sailing program. Manor Park also gives sailing lessons - although I have never taken advantage of it.

Duni - Wish I could magically take all of you there - there is just something so peaceful sitting by the water.

Edi - I am not exactly sure what a "gravity chair is" - but then again I don't even have a smart phone! but the glass of wine sounds like a perfect way to end the day!

Splendid Little Stars said...

What a lovely park! so much beauty!