Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanks from the Promotional Blog Members!!!

THANKS from our "Promotional Blog" Team 

This month I have decided to feature (2) "mini-Blog's"  as a special "Thanks" to Suzanne and Tony (RivendellRock Jewelry); and Gerry (Eagle414)  for their above and beyond Promoting on our "Christmas Shopping" Promotional Blog.  We cannot think of the Promoting without mentioning the very many, many Treasury that Suzanne; and Gerry's continual Promoting on Google+.


This Mother-Son team design original, unique, one of a kind jewelry. "Rocks, stones, and minerals are our Passion"!


This Shop features beautiful wall clocks, wreaths, table lights & candle rings jewelry boxes, Wind Chimes, Christmas Ornaments for decorating your tree.


Pamela Baker said...

Thank you Suzanne for your many,many Treasury's!!! and to Gerry (the Google Queen) who was promoting 24/7!

Gerry Thrush said...

Thank you, Pam, for doing this blog so we all could list our things & promote them. The Google Queen, I like it, & I love Google+. I promote on it so much all my items are now on the 1st pages of Google searches. That was my goal.

And thank you, Pam, for all the promoting you did via Google, & the treasuries you made regardless of having that cast on your wrist. We did great this blog promo, there were many sales so we know promoting made it happen.

And thank you, Suzanne, The Treasury Queen, a lady who made more treasuries than I've ever seen 1 person make in a week's time! Keeping up with you to promote them ... wow, but they were all promoted!

We had a great Christmas Blog everyone so thanks to all who made it happen.

Suzanne Hughes said...

Thank you Pam and Gerry - all your hard work was definately seen in the success of this blog. It was a brilliant effort. Thank you to all the others who also worked to promote the blog and all the wonderful shops that participated.

Pat Davis said...

Thank you, Pam, Gerry, Suzanne, Wendy, Terri, Sharon, Nancy, and other STATTeam teamies who helped promote my items. You are amazing. All 5 of my items sold, and the Santa horse hat sold 83 times as of now. I should have thanked you all sooner, but I have been busy at the sewing machine making HATS and HATS and HATS!!! I tried twice now to write on the blog a thank you, but the server is down for maintenance. Must be my early morning timing. Anyhow, I really appreciate it, and I plan to promote you back at every opportunity.