Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Adornments by Eloise

Adornments by Eloise
This "mini-Blog" is a special "Thanks" to Eloise for her above and beyond Promoting on our "Black Cats in Autumn" Promotional Blog - not only doing many Treasury's, but linking all items onto Twitter and Pinterest!

Designing each piece of Jewelry with beautiful semi-precious stones and crystals making each piece a work of art.  Elosie'sother hobby is Photography which one will find in her Shop!

Labradorite Teardrop Earrings
Carnelian Earrings
Jasper Bracelet
Yellow Rose Photograph
Rose Quartz/Pearl Necklace


Suzanne Hughes said...

Beautiful article on a wonderful artist. Pam, you and Eloise rock!

Eloise Powell said...

Thank you SO much for your kind words! I am honored to be highlighted on your blog in such a way. Thanks again, Eloise ***AdornmentsByEloise***

Gerry Thrush said...

Nice article on Eloise, Pam, she has such pretty jewelry & photos!