Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Treasury: Paper Roses

'Paper Roses' by MagdaleneJewels

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Featured Shop: TJB Designs

TBJ Designs
Gold/Black Beaded Scissor Fob

I recently became a big fan of this Shop from the STATTeam, TJB Designs, the creation of Tommye: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TJBdesigns.  As she states in her profile, "I love stitching and teaching stitching. Counted thread needlework appeals to my logical mind and soothes my soul".

Scissors Fob? Another unique item found inTommye's Shop: TBJDesigns.etsy.com. Although I have been sewing, embroidering, and crocheting for many years, this is an item I was not familiar with. I immediately had to ask to the designer what a "fob" is used for. Most of the time, it would be a decorative piece or "adornment" which hangs (by fiber or chain) from a scissor, usually attached to a waist band One could make it pinnable and use it as a pin cushion or needle safe while sewing, but in this current era, mostly it's an identifier, which says: " these are my scissors",  and a decoration which with its chain, can be worn around your neck. 'Tis a bit of history, creating your own makes it yours".

Purple Beaded Scissor Fob

Scissor Fobs,  originally called, "Chatelaine"  were quite fashionable in the late 18th Century, as women would attach them to their waistbands or belt when sewing.

Decorative fobs are associated with many of the needle arts: scissors, wood bobbins for lacemaking, needle keepers for all kinds of stitchery, fobs for darning eggs, embroidery's laying tools & thread sweepers.

As a very young girl I was always fascinated with my Grandmother's very strange but unique "stork sewing scissor's"; which are now in my possession. In fact I ordered the Scissor Fob shown above to attached to the scissors - which not only will identify them as my own - but make my life easier when I quickly need to clip a thread or when ending off some yarn on a crochet project.

Also in the Shop of TJB Designs are these beautifully "Handmade" "Hand-Designed" Stiletto's, which are used by Quilter's.


Emerald Green Quilting Stiletto Tool

This is an another item I was not familiar with; but how could a "quilter" not live with it! A Stiletto can also make life much easier for quilters! Quilters and anyone who sews use stilettos to ease fabric through the presser foot and to keep from getting caught up in the feed dogs. It can also be used to push out corners in the corners of sewn items. Tommye has some beautiful Stiletto's (Quilting Tools) also in her Shop, as the ones shown here.

Purple Glass Stiletto Quilting Tool
TJBDesigns also has a large collection of beautifully crafted "stitch marker's" not only for those who crochet, but also for those who knit. For those of us who knit and crochet, these are items we are quite familiar with, and as I find, cannot live without! What I love about these "handmade" markers are that each one has a tiny ball at the end so as not to catch in your yarn as you are working.



Crocheter's Stitching Markers

Knitter's Stitching Markers
For any Sewing, Crochet, Knitting Crafter, as well as Cross Stitching and Embroider, there is something for all of your various "handiwork" artistic abilities. Stitching Pins; Counting Pins, Stitch Pickers, all of which are hand beaded by the Creator.

Beaded Needlepoint Counting Pins
One will also find a collection of Eye-Glass holder's - something I think I will need next!; as well as lovely hand-beaded bookmarks.

Hand Beaded Eye Glass Chain

Hand Beaded Book Marker

  Definitely a Shop worth visiting!!