Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Bbest of January 2012

The KnottySheep by Kary

A long time member of our Bbest Team, Kary
decribes herself as a "Creative Spirit". This is well portrayed in her hand-spun, hand-dyed, wools sold in her shop. Kary's love of working with hand-spun wools from the various sheep she uses for her wools, which gives a unqiueness to each creation. Besides her "hand-spun, hand-dyed" wools, Kary's shop also has what she calls her "Buck Naked Sheep Skeins" which are pure CALIFORNIA RED wool from a sheepie named "Humvie". The color is a natural tan - with the slightest hint of red 'hairs'.

According to Kary. "I work with various tools & I create with a tactile experience in mind. Knitting, spinning, weaving, felting - the joy of wool is ever present in my work". I recently finished a scarf made from one of the beautiful handspun wools from this shop. The yarn was called "A Walk Down the Rose Garden Path". As much as I loved this yarn, and was planning on making something special for myself; I wound up making it as a Christmas gift for one of my closest friends.

Kary's main passion, which we all know, is her love of dogs. Between all of her spinning and dyeing, she is busy saving shelter dogs, and donates a lot of her profits to dog rescues and shelters. Her goodness of spirit is also evident in her involvement in her other Team, Etsy Catholic.

In her own words,"Sometimes, I really let the Muse take over and use vintage fabrics, laces & buttons from my collection! Each add wonderful detail, history and uniqueness to each creation. I strive to make each piece one of a kind ... to celebrate your individuality!

Visit Kary's blog at:

CreatingCottage by Renee Holtzer

As Roses are my favorite flower, not only for their beauty, but their fragnance and a Victorian time (thanks to Queen Victoria) when Roses were the symbol of a true love. The first time I saw one of CreatingCottage's pieces in a Treasury, I became an instant follower of this shop.

The work of a very talented artist, Renee Holtzer, CreatingCottage is a shop of beautiful handmade roses for furniture appliques, cottage style decor and shabby chic accessories. Each item in her shop are handmade original designs in romantic pink roses. Growing up I spent many summers on Cape Cod, our house was surrounded by rambling pink "cottage roses", which I would love to admire as they crawled around the very worn wooden fence surrounding our cottage. As memories never fade, Renee's "Cottage Roses" brings back those very memorable summers every time I view one of her handmade creations.

Cottage Style Roses by CreatingCottage consists of Earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants, as well as "Shabby Chic" furniture appliques, decorative accents, furniture appliques, shabby chic accessories and cottage style embellishments.

You can learn more about Renee and her shop from her blog:


Judi said...

How special! Great blog about some great shops and their owners!

Kary said...

O Pamela ... I am totally honored! Thank you for your special words about my humble shop! Two words .... BE KNOTTY ... wheeeee!

Sixsisters said...

Super blog about some great artists.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Two lovely crafty creators! Thanks for sharing!

Splendid Little Stars

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