Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Traditions and Sales


Traditions are always important especially during the Christmas/Holiday season!
For as long as I can remember - Thanksgiving Day started my mother getting up at 6am to start cleaning the very large turkey; preparing it so it could get in the oven and cook for the next 8 hours! In the meantime my grandmother would be preparing the stuffing, which I always had to help myself to as she was making it. Of course, while the adults were in the kitchen - my sister and I could be found fixated on watching the Thanksgiving Day parade down Fifth Ave (NY) - but it wasn't until the finale when Santa appears in his sleigh to the delight of all the children, myself as well - that the Christmas season was officially started! The following Monday was the lighting of the 70' Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center, that one would begin their shopping. Right across the street from Rockefeller Center (30 Rock to those watch the show) was Saks Fifth Ave. A trip to Christmas land in the City would not be complete without viewing the magical windows at Saks. In the 50+ years that I have been going down their - they have ceased to amaze me the creativity to detail in ; their "Storyland" windows.
Once I started my own family - this tradition has continued. Waiting ever so patiently for the awaiting of Santa at the end of the Thanksgving Parade which meant - it is officially the "Christmas Season". And then of course a visit to view the tree at Rockefeller Center.
Like I said at the beginning - Traditions are always important. I refuse to be taken in by the advertisements on TV, sales starting in Sept, and now the many ads and sales on the internet offering major sales (for the past few months) - I do not shop or take advantage of the consumer sales until Santa arrives at the end of the Parade and it is officially the Christmas season. For those that don't understand this yearly traditions from days past - I suggest you watch the "original" "Miracle on 34th St" which features Natalie Wood as the little girl who questions the miracles of Christmas. It has been showcased every year on Thanksgiving Day!

So in this Tradition, I will be offering sales in both shops (15% off any item) once Santa stands in his sleigh at the end of the Parade to announce the beginning of the Christmas season. Even with all the Sales, Music, Decorations, Christmas movies, etc- let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

November's Bbest Featured!


I have long admired Tessa's beautiful Floral Paintings, most of which are hand painted on silk.  The Yellow Pansy above is a print from one of her original silk paintings.  Besides her beautiful Silk Paintings, one will find hand painted Silk Scarfs, Ties, and finely painted Floral Pendants in her shop

Many of Tessa's work can be found hanging in Westminster Gallery, England.  She is also a Member of "The Society of Women Artist's" and "The Society of Floral Paintings.  (see her add on the sidebar of this blog).


My other featured artist of the Month is Yankee Girl
A true "JerseyGirl", Yankee's (Carol) beautiful paintings in her shop include her beautiful hand painted Flowers, as well as Seascapes, and photos.  One of my favorite photo is the "Floating Daisy" (above),  which coincidentally is currently hanging in my dining room!

Of course, when one thinks of Carol's work, the first painting that comes to one's mind are her infamous Hydrangea paintings.

Carol also has another shop, "This Girls Stuff" which is a treasure trove of vintage items.  An example is this beautiful Limoges dish of Orange Poppy's.  Visit her shop at    (see Yankee's ad on the sidebar of my blog).