Monday, August 15, 2011

Lamby make his Stage Debut!

The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf!

My little Lamb from my shop : , makes his first stage debut in the “Trial of the Big Bad Wolf”. Sponsored by the Montclair, NJ, Playhouse.  In the play, the Wolf – for the first time in Nursery Rhyme history is put on trial for all his atrocities – that being, chasing Little Red Riding Hood through the woods and finally eating her grandmother; blowing down the houses of the Three Little Pigs in the hope of catching them for a good meal; the ‘Boy who Cried Wolf’; to his every waking moment of trying to capture the innocent little sheep in many of the Mother Goose’s tales. Well, enough is enough, and the various characters have decided to fight back and put “Mr. Wolf” on trial.
There at the trial you can see many of his offended characters sitting in the Gallery waiting to testify! One of which is Mrs. Shepherd, played by my daughter Kelly, holding her Baby Lamb (in his debut role!) sitting in the Courtroom Gallery, while admonishing the little shepherd who should have been watching the Baby Lamb.