Thursday, April 14, 2011

CreateCrochet Spring Challenge

As we are finally beginning to see the first signs of Springs, crocuses popping up, birds chirping, buds on the trees, I would be totally remiss if I did not mention a few of the beautiful Spring entries in our March Challenge. The Challenge was our team’s way of welcoming Spring with different categories: Spring – rebirth, babies, flowers, etc. - Easter – bunnies, chicks, eggs, chocolates, etc. - Artist – take any artists’s painting/work as your muse and use similar color palettes or interpret their design in your work.

So starting with our first group, Spring:  Courtney's creation from her shop: submitted this colorful “Fleur Baroque Blanket" with its crocheted border truly caught my eye with it deep pink color and design. As Courtney says, she absolutely loves to crochet, – which is evident when viewing the many items in her shop featuring one of a kind hand-crocheted designs and patterns inspired by her own artistic interests.

What woman wouldn’t look stunning and sophiscated wearing this Hand Crocheted Rayon Raffia Woman’s Hat by  (love this name)! I would love wearing any of the fashionable hats that are sold in this shop. How many of use throw away old sweaters or blankets; well this is one designer who has saved and recycled the yarns to crochet these very different and unique hats. As Betty says, “not another person on earth will ever have a hat, sweater, cowl or scarf like the one I just made!”

I have long been a fan of DesertCrochet’s patterns, each photographed with a beautiful little infant, which only enhances the finished product of her patterns. If you haven’t visited Rebecca’s shop yet, I highly recommend any crocheter to visit this shop:, Her entry, “Princess Coming Home” - a lilac cocoon with a little hat would welcome any newborn home. I had to add this picture of my grandson and his little cousin wearing their “Monkey Hats” which Rebecca crocheted especially for them!

This adorable little crocheted headband with its hand crocheted flowers would make any young girl smile on a beautiful Spring day!
The shop:  is filled with a treasury of patterns for your little ones. As Tricia goes about her very busy day as a mom, she is continually thinking of new designs which she writes with a new crocheter in mind. Her patterns are written with easy to understand instructions, and is glad to offer any help needed with her patterns.

Even with Spring’s sun bursting forth, we still have a few cool days left. Julie’s “Spring Garden” baby Blanket is perfect to wrap your around your little one. Julie’s shop
 besides her adorable blankets, is filled with precious children’s little dresses, sweater, and hats. Crocheting for over 40 years, she is never without her yarn and crochet hook. As a breast cancer survivor, she gives special praises to God for her many blessings.

Of course we could not think of Spring without it little bunnies bursting forth and hopping into our hearts. I couldn’t resist smiling when I saw “Yarnabee’s” two little bunnies, both a perfect size for those your little one to find in their baskets on Easter morning. Her shop:  is a treasure trove of the cutest crocheted animals. Her love of crocheting is found in her own words: “My hope is when I create my items that they will be given to someone that will cherish it and keep it as a family Heirloom to be passed on like those cherished Teddy Bears my sons have had for years. I create every item with love and joy and hope that's what they will bring to you.”

Who couldn’t resist this precious little Easter “Chickie” Hat from the shop
Each adorable item in this shop are custom made by Alessandra, a stay-at-home mom who found a way to supplement her income with her crochet skills which she learned from her Grandma when growing up in Brazil.

I also loved this little bunny “Silver” with his carrot, from the shop of Mamta:
Mamta, which mean’s “mother’s love”, who although she lives in Mumbai, India, has taken on the task of being our CreateCrochet team leader. She recently upgraded her shop from her very colorful crocheted flowers, to creating patterns for all of us to enjoy. Her work is exactly as she describes herself, “colorful, vibrant, unconventional, enthusiastic, and full of energy & variety!”

Although we are all artists, we come to the last part of our Spring Challenge which was to create something inspired by a favorite painting or artist.

Inspired by the impressionist painter, Monet’s “Morning on the Seine”, this absolutely beautiful shawl (poncho) is the creation by Sheila, whose shop,  I can't even begin to describe how beautiful this is. Button it and it's a poncho, wear it open and it's a shawl! Working with many different textures and colors, Sheila has created some beautiful pieces; and now as a stay-at-home mom, she is able to indulge her passion of creating most her own designs while experimenting with some very unique art fibers.

Since I have been very young, admiring a print of my Great Grandmother’s by the artist, William Bouguereau (which I now own), I became a passionate follower of his artwork. Many prints of which one will find hanging on my walls. My inspiration for this Victorian Scarflette, was Bouguereau’s painting “LaTricoteuse” (The knitter). My shop:, is a mixture of baby items, scarf’s, neck warmers, and infant Maryjane’s, all of which reflect my passion for all that is feminine and antique. I love using a pattern and then redesigning it to my own personal interpretation.

Finally, I wish to mention this very unique idea called a “Ponshawl”. The inspiration for this Lilac Ponshawl is Marianne of The versatility of this shawl is its ability to become a cover for a mother-to-be. Marianne hopes to soon incorporate shawls which will make it possible for a mother to breast feed very discretely. A perfect gift for a Baby Shower for the mother. A visit to Marianne’s shop one will find some beautifully crocheted items such as scarf’s, hats, fingerless gloves, and more shawls. Why the name “daisyadaycrochet”? Well, you will have to read her profile to find a beautiful love story behind the title!


Julie G. said...

Very nice Pam, thanks for doing this:)

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Lovely items, but the bunnies and the sock monkey hat are my faves.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Great feature article

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You are an amazing friend to promote so many beautiful creations from your fellow etsyans! I am so honored, humbled and extremely grateful for your suggestion.
I hope your life is filled with joy and prosperity....IT IS MANDATORY :0)

Rebecca said...

Awesome Blog Post Pam! Thanks so much for sharing it with me! And thanks so much for your kind words ;-)

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Lovely blogs about our entries, Pam. Thanks so much for including my Silver and writing so nicely about me. Your words motivates and inspires me. I loved reading about all my friends.