Friday, January 14, 2011

The Christmas Pageant

Nativity Scene

Although most of you know me through my Crochet and Jewelry shops here on Etsy; once December starts, and we are all thinking of what Christmas items to put in our shops, I am busy getting ready for our annual Christmas Pageant in our Parish. I started the Pageant about 20 years ago, and it is still something I truly look forward to each year. Although I get much joy out of participating in putting the Pageant together, it is the children that make each year just a little different and a lot more enjoyable. It is also rewarding to see my daughter, Kelly, who was still in elementary school when I started the Pageant, as our Director for the past few years.

Baby Jesus
We usually begin the planning in early December, and as always, every parent wants their child to be the star of the show! Once all the main characters are chosen (Mary, Joseph, The Wisemen, Angels, Shepherds, etc.), without any hurt feelings or comments from some parents; the practices begin. Once all the parts are assigned, I then have the job of making sure each child has their costume and that it fits. This year for the first time, our little angels were only 3 and 4 yrs of age, which meant a lot of alterations! Once all the costumes are given out, my daughter takes over as Director. Somehow she has a special way with these little children; and by the end of the first practice miraculously they all seem to know their parts and when to be on stage.

The Little Angels

The older children get the main parts, which gives the younger children an incentive to look forward to each year. In fact, little Zachary (my grandson) graduated from playing "Baby Jesus" last year to a little "toddling" Shepherd (while drinking his bottle)! I should mention that our youngest participant this year was not quite 4 weeks old, playing the "Infant Jesus." We also have a wonderful Children's Choir who do all the singing throughout the play. As with any play, once the children put on their various costumes, their whole demeanor changes. They suddenly assume the role they are portraying. A lot of credit goes not just to the Director, but to the small group of parents who dedicate themselves each year working on the Pageant. It is this team work that makes our Pageant so successful. The success is well noted as the Narrators (children from grades 5-7) begin to tell the story of the Nativity, and you look at the smiles on the faces of each parent.

Little Shepherds

Zachary, as the tiny Shepherd

Although our little angels, who I said were only 3 and 4 years old, completely steal the show; the other children are so professional, while they kneel so reverently as they portray, Mary and Joseph, from the time they are approached by the Angel Gabriel, to the birth of Jesus, and the arrival of The Three Wisemen. The final scene is the little Drummer Boy’s who walk so very slowly down the center aisle playing their drums while the choir sings ‘The Little Drummer Boy,". The most adorable thing is not only watching them, but watching the little angels singing their hearts out – “pa rum pum pum pum”. I could continue talking about the beauty of our little children in the Pageant, but the pictures tell it all.

The Little Drummer Boy's