Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Christmas Fair

Last weekend was our annual Parish Christmas Fair. I started doing the Fair when my children were very small and attended our Parish school. As they got older, and I went back to work, I took a long hiatus from crafting. I again started doing craft shows and the Sacred Heart Christmas Fair a few years ago. This particular Fair is always a three day affair. Friday, being my favorite, is when the children come in and do their own shopping. They come in dressed in their holiday finest, with their little envelopes filled with their shopping money. What I enjoy the most is seeing the little one's with their $2 (which to them could be a million dollars) and say "I want to buy something for my mommy". The invariably head for my most expensive jewelry, but I then lead them to my Christmas jewelry which I make and price just for the children to be able to buy. I ask them how much money they have to spend - usually it is between $2 - $4, so I will pick out a pair of earrings or bracelet and say "oh, this is just $2" ; their eyes just light up as I wrap the little gift which they can't wait to get home to give to their mother or sister. One little girl, Madalene, wanted to buy a pair of baby booties for her little sister. Knowing that her sister is already 2, I told her I didn't think they would fit. She replied, "they are for Monica's little baby doll", so I wrapped up a little pair of my preemie booties for her. Friday evening, dinner is served (which is so delicious) and donated from different parents, and the parents get to do their shopping. It is more fun just running into people I haven't seen in a while and catching up on what our older children are doing now. My daughter, Kelly and her newborn son, Zachary also came to help; and in the evening Zachary had his first picture with Santa! (see if you can figure out which is the real Santa!)
I must admit though as much as I love doing this one particular Fair. This year a few vendors that have been there the past few years and myself were a little disappointed in the amount of people who were selling stuff I wouldn't even be throwing away. Besides myself and my friend, who also is on Etsy, we were the only two who actually sold hand-crafted items. I miss the days when a craft fair meant just that, handmade crafts. When I first started doing this Fair many years ago, only hand-crafted items would be sold. Now these vendor come in and are literally selling right out of the boxes that they bought their items in. So in that respect, it was a little disappointing to see people being taken in by what some are calling crafts. I have noticed this being the trend in other craft shows I have done in the past few years. Well, hopefully, they will all go back to the concept of a craft fair selling hand-made crafts. Even with all that, I did manage to sell quite a few things as well as a custom order for a necklace, bracelet and earring set. I certainly didn't let the non-crafters deter from my Holiday spirit while I enjoyed selling to the little children, and catching up with old friends, and seeing my grandson having his first visit with Santa.


Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful pictures!

I have found craft shows to be deteriorating as well. It's sad isn't it.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

TiLT said...

such a sweet pic with Santa :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

...aawww...he is so cute! and a great name, too ;)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Such cute pics! Your font is so tiny that I couldn't read what you wrote though :(

Joy said...

Absolutely adorable picture!