Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November Favorites

All of these would make great gifts for the Holidays!!!
1. Sleepy Clouds Blue Yarn:
2. Hand painted Notecards: http://www.pfdoriginalartwork'
3. Pink and Black Onyx Bracelet:
4. Hand-knitted pink jumper:
5. Native American Mandala Bracelet:
6. Green Garland Necklace:
7. Salt and Pepper Dishes: http://www.artsielady.etsy.com8
8. Hand painted Christmas Ornament:
9. Silk Necklace:
10. Soft Gray Chennile Neckwarmer:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Zachary - 1 Month Old

As most of you all know, I have reached Grandmother status. Little Zachary arrived Oct 2, 2009 at 8:25pm, weighing 6lb 3 oz. When I first saw him right after he was born, he was so tiny and fragile. Well he has reached his 1 month old birthday, healthy, sleeping, at least in these pictures (although my daughter says he never sleeps) and gaining weight. Although my daughter lives in New Jersey, about 1 hr away, yesterday was such a beautiful day that I took a ride to go visit little Zachary and my daughter. Although you have seen his newborn picture, here are his latest pictures a few of which I took yesterday. Another in his Yankee outfit watching the World Series! and as "Charlie McCarthy" for Halloween.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Caveat Emptor "Let the Buy (or Seller) Beware"!

With the holidays quickly approaching, I thought it important to make you all aware of the many ways that fraudulent practices can affect all of us. Since most of us here at Etsy use Paypal’s services, not only for sales, but when we purchase something ourselves; I learned a very valuable lesson which I wish to share with the many Etsy buyers and shoppers.

Yesterday, I received an email from which started as “Dear Paypal Inc. Account Holder, Our Online Department has recently reviewed your account, and suspect that your paypal account may have been accessed from an unauthorized computer or by a third party”. Then the email goes on to say that “because protecting the security of your account is our primary concern, we have limited access to sensitive Paypal account features.” Then it continues, “How can I restore my account access?” which was attached to a small box saying “Please click here to visit the “Resolution Center” and complete the Steps to Remove Limitations.” “Completeing all of the checklist items will automatically restore your account access.” Sincerely, Paypal Inc, Account Department.

As this happened to me a year ago when I was notified by my Bank that some foreign company had attempt to purchase items through my debit account. Their Security Department picked it up immediately as a fraudulent purchase. They immediately blocked my account, and sent me an email notifying me that my account had been locked. I had to go to my local Bank, and thankfully they refunded the erroneous purchases made to my account. I had to opened a whole new account; and then notify all my accounts that I pay online with my new information.

So as not to have this happen again, I immediately clicked on Paypal’s link to the “Resolution Center”. There I was asked to resubmit all my personal and banking information: credit card #, Social Security #, Name on the Account, Birthdate, etc.” which I did and then submitted the information back to them.

Within a few hours I received another email, this time from my Bank’s Security Office, saying that they caught Fraudulent activity within my account, and had put a lock on my debit account, and to either contact them by email, or report this to my local Bank. This morning I brought in all the emails I had received. The Bank Manager called their Security Office with the code # they sent in my email. Apparently this very official “PayPal, Inc” was a way to access all my personal information. According to the Bank’s Security Office, once this information was obtained, someone from overseas attempted to debit my account for $1700.00 Euro$. Thank goodness for the quick response from my Bank, and their immediately action to lock my account. Again, I had to reopen a whole new account with different access codes, etc.; but was completely grateful for their immediate attention to this matter, which could have possibly been a lot worse.

Please, especially at this time of year, be very careful of any sort of email that you may receive that is unsolicited. I was told that these fraudulent companies are more active and ingenious than ever in attempting to access your personal information for their benefit. If you are suspect of any sort of email like this, call your Bank immediately and then will check your account and lock it if necessary for your safety. So happy shopping and hope for lots of sales this season, and be careful of anything that doesn’t seem right.