Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Inspector Calls

As most of your know by now, I have belonged to a local theatre group for about 8 years. The group, The Fort Hill Players (FHP), just celebrated its 71st year. I guess it was inevitable that I would be a part of such a successful and talented group of actors, directors, and cast members. My mother started out as a make-up artist for FHP in the early 50's; then went on to acting in a few of their productions. My daughter, Kelly, who was the director of the HS drama group for two years, and then was a part of a theatre group in college, joined the FHP about 10 years ago as an actor, stage manager, and director for many of their productions. I joined soon after as their costumer and make-up artist for all of their productions.

This season our production is "An Inspector Calls"; a very famous English murder mystery centering around the Birling family celebrating the engagement of their daughter Sheila. The Birling's are a very prominent English family in which everyone is, and could be, a suspect in the death of a young woman from one of the factories. Since the time period for this play is 1912, it was very enjoyable finding costumes for each actor representing this time period. Of course, some of it couldn't have been done without "a little help from my friends". If you notice, Inspector Goole, in his Mac and Bowler Hat; the hat was a terrific find from Judi's shop, VintageLegacyStudio: Mrs. Birling, in her English finest, along with her string of pearls is also wearing a Vintage necklace of 3 large pearls and crystals on each side of it's chain, centered by a large pendant with a large crystal center and a large drop pearl. I was lucky to find this Necklace in Nonnie's shopo which now features many vintage items, along with her beautiful gemstone jewelry: The daughter, Sheila, dressed in a beautiful vintage dress from the early 1900's with moss green and taupe ribboning, is wearing a double-strand Necklace of Swarovski Pearls and Emerald Swarovski Crystals, which I just made, and will also be featured in my shop shortly:
A little side note! The young couple whose engagement is being celebrated just before the Inspector Calls, just became engaged in real life, having met through our theatre group while actor together in "Run for Your Wife".

Friday, October 16, 2009

Meet Tinkerbelle

As most of you know by now, yesterday and last night was touch and go with little Belle. The little kitty was sick when we got her, but the Breeder said it was just because she had just been wormed. We were also told that the kitty was 7-8 weeks old; old enough to be weaned.
By yesterday her situation got worse, and we rushed her to out Vet, who upon weighing her found that she was just 1 lb - and also was only 5 weeks old. He did some cultures, immediately started her on antibiotics and Albon which is used for kittens with intestinal problems. When I called the Breeder, she said the Vet should have never given her the shots and that she definitely would not make it through it night. I called the Vet, and he assured me that what he did was correct. Thanks all for your comments and suggestions. Today she is eating, back to her little animated self, and I think she might have even gained 1/2/lb. So just wanted to share the pictures I took of her today, looking like little "Tinkerbelle" about to fly off to Neverland.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Newest Baker

Little kitty arrived today unexpectedly. My boys had told me about the Cat Show at the County Center (which is right near us). As soon as I saw these little eyes staring at me - Well, how could I resist!
They told me the kitty's name was Wendy - since that is my sister's name, I don't think she would actually want a kitten named after her. So as of yet, she does not have a name. All suggestions welcome!
Of course, my other kitty is a little jealous right now, but I am sure they will soon be best friends - hopefully!

Design Style Giveaway featuring: Diane Clancy

How exciting to get a chance to perhaps win one of Diane’s inspiring works of art, through your “Design Style Giveaway”. I always find Diane’s work so very inspiring. I think one of my most favorite pieces that she has done recently is called, "Peace in the Storm" – it has such a peaceful feeling that seems to immerse one into it’s frame. Anyone interested in Giveaway #5, which features Diane Clancy – here is the link to perhaps get the chance to win one of her many ACEO’s.

Diane views her artwork as something to uplift and inspire other people For those familiar with her work know that her vision is to portray her artwork through her use of many vibrant colors.Glancing through the Treasuries, I am sure many of you have come across her collection of what she terms her "bubbleart" a few of which are shown above. Her work is also a creation of digital and traditional mediums, as is viewed in the pictures I have chosen "Concondrum 1; and "Light and Dark." (see below) I have also posted one of my favorites "Emma" the little kitten hidden among the flowers. According to Diane. "she feels very blessed to have the opportunity to express herself through painting. 'I love that people say my artwork enhances their lives.'"

This is an excerpt from a blog I did on Diane in 2008, called “An Artist with a Vision”. If you would like to learn a little more about the many aspects of Diane Clancy this is a link to the blog I did back then.