Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Goodbye to the Bbest!!

Can’t believe today is the first day of September, which means that our three leaders of the past year, Joanie, Joon and Chauncey, are retiring to just join the rest of us chatting away in our Bbest thread. I wanted to say a special thank you to our three very talented and inspiring leaders that have guided us along for the past year. You guys are the Bbest.

So Six (Joan), Chauncey, and Joon, I am sure I speak not only for myself, but for our other Bbest friends (isn’t that now referred to as BFF) that you have worked really hard to make things so special for us. Christmas, Spring & Summer SWAPs are always something to look forward to, and you never let us down. I always wonder how you all manage to do all this extra work and still manage to spend time chatting and continuing to offer us new and exciting items within your shops.

Thanks Six for all the extra work you put in making sure our thread was updated each week, while still managing to keep your shop so active. It seems like a day doesn’t go buy that your have not listed a new item of your watercolors, drawings and prints. My all time favorites are your fairy drawings; even making each of us our own personal fairy . For those who don’t know your shop: there exists a mixture of all different aspects of her work. Her face paintings are spectacular, and the watercolor birds are so real like. Of course, I always look forward to seeing what our favorite little “neighborhood girl” is up to next.

Special thanks also goes to Chauncey (although her name is Eileen); the name Chauncey is synonymous with the Boomers. As she so aptly puts it, when she hears Chauncey,” it reminds me that good friends are one of life's best pleasures”. Her shop: is a maze of beautiful colors made from her dicronic glass pendants. It is truly an art to be able to layer the various colors of glass; some mixed with metal to give them a metallic look, and then shaped into the various pendants she showcases in her shop. I am fortunate to say that I have a few of her beautiful pendants. One of which I combined with some of my own crystals which only enhance the beauty of the pink rose, of which I have gotten many compliments. So again, I say thank you to another talented artist who has put aside her work and time to bring our whole team together for the past year.


The third member of this great team is Joon, our eco-friendly leader. Joon can take any medium be it fabric, paper, trinkets (I guess anything that isn’t tied down), and design a collage or other piece of workable art, which can be found in her shop . As she states, “one person can make a difference, and character and environment are everything.” Of course, if saving the environment i

sn’t your thing, then you can hop over to her other shopwhich is full of interesting Vintage items: "surround yourself with history. Soothe your soul". ( Joon’s other talent lies in her writing skills. Although letter writing is almost passé’ these days, Joon has come up with an idea of writing a personal letter “from the heart from me to you” which you will find in her shop: What I will miss most are the beautiful blogs that Joon always writes for our Team. Not only does she highlight works of various members each week, but takes you on a journey to the different shops along the way!