Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jada - an little angel

JADA Feb 2009 - July 29, 2009

By coincidence I did my Wednesday Blog today with Jada showing off her new "coach" collar. Today my son Ryan (Reso) bought Jada who was just 6 months and a wee little 5 lbs. to the Vet to be spayed. About two hours later he got a call at work that Jada has passed away. I immediately met my son at the Vet since he was so upset and as wee viewed Jada for the last time, the tears starting flowing. Unbelievably the Vet had no answer as to what happened. I immediately asked for all the reports - and it just indicates that she started turning blue, they gave her oxygen, and tried CPR but couldn't revive her. The Vet could give us no answers as to what happened. We explained that this is a show cat and well-bred and was in perfect condition when my son brought her in this morning. So sadly today's picture on my other blog was the last one of Jada. The breeder said she never heard of such a thing and this has never happened to any of her cats. She also offered to give Ryan one of her prize show cats, that is still a kitten, and that she was keeping to show; but since she looks so much like Jada, she wants him to have her. We are all very sadden by this sudden death of our little kitty, Jada. So now she has her little angels wings, and is looking at us from above.