Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nature's Miracle of Life

It is not too often that nature shares with us some of its beauty in creation. The past two weeks while sitting at my computer, I have been watching a mother bird busy going back and forth with little twigs preparing her nest for her arrival of these adorable little babies. She managed to find the perfect spot in an unused flower pot resting on a shelf on my terrace. I have tried not to disturb her busy coming and going and scare her away. When I saw her fly away a little while ago, I decided to take a peek and check her little home. It was so amazing to find these tiny little creatures just born about an hour ago, their eyes not even open. Yet their instinct knows that their mother is returning shortly with a little something to feed them as they wait patiently with their little mouths open. I will keep you all posted on their progress until they are ready to leave their nest and depart from my terrace.

Friday, June 12, 2009

American Angels

I was sent this by email from Marion ( - I thought this very interesting and something you might like to get involved with. It sounds like a great opportunity to do something for those who are fighting to save not only our county, but the rights of others as week
OperationHelpingHandAfghanistan was started in 2004 and is made up of volunteer Mom's, Dad's Veterans, Friends and Active Duty service members through out the United States. We want to reassure all members of the armed Forces that they are not forgotten by procuring support through mail, emails and care boxes and displaying continuous Patriotic standards in our city, towns and communities.

To help lift spirits of deployed soldiers, assist military family needs, initiate Holiday programs for service members deployed, assist soldiers in their needs and requests and to designate individual spirit lifting through special mail-outs by our membership to all the members of the Armed Forces serving their country throughout the world.

Participation in OperationHelpingHandAfghanistan is by special Invitation only and no names or addresses will be publicized on our site in order to protect the privacy and safety of our troops.

Do you Knit, Crochet, Loom, Sew,
love making crafts or
Quilt and want to support Our Troops?
Are you good at writing letters or love sending cards?
Or maybe you would like to help
by sending care packages?
Please join us!
Welcome to American Angels!! We are the crafty ladies (American Angels) that participate with Operation Helping Hand Afghanistan in supporting depoyed military. Please fill out this questionnaire. We can not approve any membership without this information. If you can not reply to our yahoo groups please email your info to: As soon as we get it back you will be approved. The Security of our Troops is PRIMARY and I hope you will agree that it's important to keep them safe. ALSO we are requesting some information so that when you adopt a soldier we can notify you if something happens to your soldier (wounded or other etc) You will not be approved into our group without this information. ALSO - ONLY the founders of our group will see the information. Group Owners/Moderators 1. What is your name? 2. What is your complete mailing address? 3. What is your phone number? (SEE NOTE ABOVE) 4. How did you find our group? 5. What type of crafts do you like to do? 6. How would you like to support our Military? 7. What would you like to gain from this group?

*****Please click on this link for more information and where you can sign up if interested******

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Featured Favorites!

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2. Little Lady in Red: BackRoom Treasures
3. Black Beaded Bracelet: jstinson
4. Little Goth Flower: ZudaGay
5. ACEO Summertime: CreatorsPalette
6. Sunrise Sunset Print: BethPeardonProds

7. Dark Wine Scarflette: jnoriginals
8. Women Have Secrets: stilettoheights

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Special Shop: YappsCottageDecor

I have been somewhat remiss lately in writing about a shop that I find special and would like to bring to other’s attention. The shop is I have purchased soaps from Lora’s shop a few times. Often I get the ones that say “Thank You”. Whenever I am doing a craft show, or if someone purchases one of my pieces, a perfect thank you is slipping that little cake of soap into the with their purchase. I can’t tell you how much people love receiving that little something extra.
My daughter is having a baby (her due date is Oct 3) and we just found out it will be a boy (although we did all want a girl) well I guess this would be our second choice! Anyway, I immediately thought of Lora’s little soaps as that perfect little something for the baby shower, which, yes, I am doing. Not only are the soap’s in Baby Powder scent (actually you can choose any scent) but for a baby shower you also get to pick out which baby pictures you would like on the cover. One of my favorite artists of children is Bessie Pease Guttman, and the two pictures I choose were of the little boys, which are reprints of her work.
YappsCottageDecor has 121 different scents to choose from. A few of her new “NEW SCENTS” include Japanese cherry blossom, Ocean water, Cantalope, Strawberry Wisteria, Angel type (Thierry Mugler) & Obsession for women type (Ralph Lauren). She also a section for men, such as Arabian Spice and Drakkar; and vegan soaps “Dragons”, which can be made upon request (since one of my son’s is a Vegan, I guess I will have to buy him one of these special soaps! Lora has so many different varieties and scents, I suggest you visit her shop and find that little something special for yourself. As of me, I can wait to try her Pink Sugar Scrub, which looks good enough to eat!

You can also visit Lora’s other shop . which has some beautiful floral fabrics, as well as Laura Ashley (which is so hard to find these days), and Ralph Lauren (Pink Roses shown here is one of my favorites).