Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's Child Has Far to Go

Baby "X" Wolfe - Full of Grace

Kelly Baker Wolfe (1 day) Tuesday's Child

Although Thursday's Child has Far to Go!

My daughter's baby which will be Oct 3, 2009 (has far to go!) but looked it up and She/He (hoping for a she) will be a Sunday's Child who is Full of Grace! Coincidentally, my daughter was born Nov 27, 1979, on a Tuesday - which according to the Children's rhyme: Tuesday Child is Full of Grace!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As my daughter mentioned to me last night – “The Steam Engine” closed a few weeks ago. Has it really been that long since I have written on my blog? Well, at least I have been up-to-date with my Carnival Blogs:
Something I should have done a few weeks ago, introduced a new artist to our Etsy community: Reso914 ( Oh, did I also mention that he was one of my son’s?
For as long as I can remember Ryan (Reso) has always had an interest in drawing. I remember Parent’s night (oh how can we ever forget those experiences); Ryan was in Kindergarten, and outside the classroom each child had drawn a picture of their house. Everyone's work along the wall had a cute little square house, with a triangle roof, flowers (I think) in front, with a Mommy or Daddy standing outside. Then comes Ryan’s house – although perfectly symmetrical in the way of lines the house was perfectly drawn, but it was the inside that caught everyone’s attention. A continual circle of various colors – perfect for a color chart – but the circle circumferenced the whole house. A psychedelic tribute to his family. The teacher found it a bit different to say the least! Of course I was such a proud mother to see his artistic ability of how he views the world at such an early age. Yes, I still have that picture!
Not your conventional artist as you can imagine, as he views himself as a “graffiti artist” or “street artist”. His work and sense of colors is well known! He has also taken up drawing tattoo designs and doing some tattoo’s himself. And now I would like to introduce you to a small portion of Reso’s art.