Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Steam Engine

For those of you who may have thought I have been missing in action; this is a little update on what I have been doing the past month (and one more weekend to go!!!) As most of you know, besides my shop on Etsy,, I also have belonged to a local theater group for the past 8 years. Although I have acted in a few of their shows, I am primarily their Costume and Makeup Designer; which seems to follow a family tradition. My mother started out as their Costume Designer then went into acting during the 1950’s; my daughter joined about 9 years ago (acting, directing, stage manager), so I guess it was only natural that I follow their paths.
I must admit that this play was one of the most enjoyable, in the way of doing costumes, as I love anything Vintage and Antique. I went to Vintage Clothing Shows in Manhattan and was able to get a few things there, bought a few things online, and then sewed my little fingers off for the rest. The picture of the young girl with the dark glasses (who is blind) is actually wearing a blouse and skirt of mine from the 30’s and my driving glasses (obviously not from the 30’s!).
The play takes place in a Radio Station in 1934, during the time of the Chicago World’s Fair, whose theme was “Century of Progress”. A young inventor (the young man in the sweater) invents a steam engine which works on water, which he hopes to patent and show at the World’s Fair. Of course, Corporate Greed takes over as people attempt to steal his blue prints, or pressure him into selling his ideas. Above a just a few of the scene from our show.
The very top picture is one of our "Production Crew" (I am the one sitting on the desk!) - the other pictures show a Radio Station of 1934; and a few of the actors in their particular scenes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Artisan Challenge

Yeah! For all you Blockhead Radio Artisans - "He's Back!"

Thanks to Lily, Tulip', I just saw this in the Bloggers thread this afternoon. This was so great when Rod started doing the "Artisan Challenge" quite a while ago, but due to certain agenda's, he decided to cancel this great exposure for all the Artisans, whose work well deserve to be seen.
It just so happens that the winner of the weekly challenge will now win a audio commercial with a banner to play the entire following week on Blockhead Radio Live!
That's even MORE FREE publicity for your shop!
And if that's not enough! READ ON!
Remember, it's ANY selling venue! Entries are being accepted now so hurry and get your submission in.Another incentive... blog about it. I'll make it easy on ya (because I'm nice like Witchy)... just copy and paste this blog, post it, and come back here to let me know you did! You'll be entered for a chance to win a $15 Gift Certificate to
Tulips Treasure Box. (Who wouldn't love that!!!!)
Blockhead Radio Artisans Challenge Rules:
1. You must be the creator of the item you are entering. It must be handmade not a mass produced item.2. It is first come first entered into the challenge. All entries are held in Que on our server till they are put into an active challenge. 3. The Artisans Challenge is well promoted. You will be notified when you are in a challenge. To increase your chance of winning, let your friends, teams, groups, and forums know. Only one vote per ip address per category. 4. Winner is determined by the most votes received. 5. Voting is held from 1 p.m. eastern time Monday till 9:13 a.m. the following Monday. This gives us 4 hours to tally up all votes and get the next challenge started.
Weekly Challenge:
Each week we will have a challenge with Artisans that won from each of the twelve categories. The winner of the weekly challenge will have an in stream audio ad with click through banner the week after the challenge.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dedication to Juelez (our Kitty!)

Juelez 3 mo old

Juelez sitting inside the Christmas Tree

This morning was not one of our best here in the Baker household; we had to put out cat to sleep. Named "Juelez Santana" (a rapper), we called her "Kitty". Sadly she wasn't even 5 yrs old yet. Last year she was diagnosed with enlarged kidney's. The vet had said she would live a few years, but not the full life of a cat. Never did we expect it to be less than a year after being diagnosed. The past two weeks have been heartbreaking, as anyone who has a sick pet will know; just watching her fail day by day. The past 3 days she stopped eating and drinking, and just laid wrapped up in a blanket. I think at this point she was down to about 2 lbs. When I woke up this morning, knowing what we would evently have to do, we knew it was time. We held her with tears streaming down out faces as they gave her an injection to euthanize her. Thanks for the words of support in the threads this week. For anyone who has gone through this, you understand how these little creatures worm their way into your hearts and become one of the family. Juelez will definitely be missed, her little friend, our other kitty, who is almost 3, has been looking around for her, and is already missing her playmate. Thought I would share a few of our favorite pics of Kitty!