Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What To Do With All Those Beads??????

I was just reading Terronda’s blog, regarding her dilemma as she so aptly asks, “Ok so where do you guys keep your beads left over from projects or that you open and realize it doesn't work for the project. I have sooooo many beads and they are covering my work table!” “I can’t seem to figure out where and how best to store them….”
Well, Terronda, Magdalene to the rescue. I was about to leave a comment when I thought I would share with you and other beaders who may be just as frazzled with “50,000” beads floating around. I purchased at a local craft store, Michael’s, a few bead containers which hold the many beads I use when creating my jewelry. As they come in different sizes - some with 6 compartments (I don’t know if compartments would be the correct word, since they are each about 3x3”); 10 compartments, 20 compartments of various sizes. They all have different uses, the smaller one is for seed beads I don’t use too often, another has larger beads, and pearls, bali beads, etc. The one I use the most is for my crystals, and beads spacers – items I use often. Now you ask, how does she manage to keep track of what she has? Well, I actually, (and no, I am not OCD!) I arrange them according to colors, or colors that blend (violets, lavender, amethyst, purple velvet- 4mm, 6mm 8mm), which makes it easier when I have a certain idea and color scheme in mind. When I do craft fairs and shows, I always take this particular container with me in case someone asks for something custom made. Oh, you know all those extra make-up cases you get when you purchase a certain amount of Lancome, Clinique, etc. well, they make great holders for your tools: pliers (which I have all sorts of), beading wire and string, clasps – well, you get the idea. Oh, when you do buy one of the beading compartments, make sure you get the one that says the beads won’t move, or you’ll wind up with Hemitite Jonquil’s!
So Terronda, and all my jewelry blogger friends, I hope this helps you just a little. Oh, I also bought a cheap shelve (Bed & Bath) that I keep all my jewelry items on. Knitting on another shelf, and whatever quilting project I am working on, on another shelf. Hey, does this count as a tutorial blog!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cold Spring: A Day Along the Hudson

I am quite fortunate enough to live near the beauty of the Hudson River, which historically was the first River where the settlers escaping the religious tyranny of King Charles in England, made their home. In some of my other blogs, I have taken you along on my adventures of some the beautiful sites along the Hudson River.
Yesterday, although the temperature reading in NY was 14 degrees, it was a perfect day to visit the small historic town along the Hudson River called Cold Spring (Cold Spring-on-Hudson) NY, which was incorporated in 1846. Bundled up against the cold of 14 degrees, and the winds coming forth from the Hudson River, we walked along Main Street with its quaint antique shops, and Victorian Homes and Mansions which line the banks of the river. Full of history, the tiny town of Cold Spring dates back to the Civil War. This was to help accommodate many of the workers of West Point, which lies just South of Cold Spring. Commuter Service to Cold Spring can only be reached by its original “Cold Spring Station”. Bordered not only by the Hudson River and it mountainous view of the Catskills (mountains), the other end of town is bordered by two lakes, which as you can see by the pictures I took, were quite frozen over! Cold Spring is now listed with the National Registry of Historic Places in the US.
Although it was a perfect day for a drive along the Hudson, our main reason for going was not only to enjoy lunch in one of these historic restaurants, but to view my friend Marion’s beautiful “Fiber Art Scarf’s” which are featured in the window's of one of the many shops along Main Street. Although she currently has sold most of her scarfs from her shop on Etsy, she has some beautiful quilts and “art quilts” in her shop:
Marion and I have also been fortunate to be a part of their summer craft fairs which they showcase right along Main Street.