Monday, December 8, 2008

Pluggers! Unite

Meet “Plugger’s United”! We are a new group, in fact we just started last week, through the many efforts of Rod from “Blockhead Rod’s Radio”, and my favorite little witch, “agoodwitchtoo” . Although our group is a creation of the many artists from Etsy, of which we already (as of today) have 27 members, we are already united as a group supporting each other. Thanks to the exposure we as Etsian’s (Bloggers Team) have gained through Rod and Allison’s exposure on their Radio station, we hope by tomorrow to have made our “Plugger’s” an official team on Etsy.
Who are we? “Pluggers United are artisans for artisans”....working together to can gain more exposure for team members and their shops. This is done through radio shows, blogs,advertising, guerrilla marketing, entrecard generator, website, etc. and there will also be charity events. As for now we can be found every Monday night on chatting away on “Blockhead Rod’s Radio Show”, ( Although we do tend to chat a lot, and occasionally get a visit from “buttbubbles”, the Chipmunks singing, a nightly phone call from ET; one of the first night’s that I was on, earlier that evening we learned of an “Blogger” teammate from Etsy, that her husband had just come home with the news that he has just been laid off: “Merry Christmas”. Concerned for our teammate, we automatically came up with many ways of helping them out financially during this time when one should be thinking of the many gifts one would like to be putting under their trees for their children. Many brought items from her shop to increase her sales; and it was suggested, as she does crochet work, that we send extra yarn, which will now be an added expense, so that she can create more and generate more sales to help while her husband is now out of work.
Like I said earlier, there are currently 27 members (as of this morning), I have chosen a few to highlight, and in the days to come will showcase more “Plugger’s United” as we continue to grow.

Of course the first shop I wish to showcase is "". Her unique designs of soaps always makes me wonder if I should be bathing with them or eating them. According to her profile, things she can't do are: eat fire, bathe a cat, leap tall buildings in a single bound; but Things that she can do: is make small batches of soap to wash the "wicked" away!

The second "Plugger" I wish to showcase is "" , know to us as Sassy, her Etsy shop is Sassy has been working with textilea for over 20 years, and dyes her own wools to create the most beautiful yarns and thread, of which I had created some beautiful scarfs from. She calls her pieces Serendipity which means 'the result of a happy accident' - the results created from her random dye pots are so very special and individual. These are just samples of her beautiful work:

The third artist from Etsy who has joined "Plugger's" is "" Lily also has another shop on Etsy, "". Her beautiful pieces of jewelry are created with natural materials, such as gemstones, turquoise, silver, rock, glass, beads and crystals. I especially loved these two pieces from her shop:

Although there are so many other talents artisans who have joined "Plugger's", many of whom I will showcase in future blogs; I would also like to mention some of the work by "". Sharla is a true animal activist, who designs and creates beaded jewelry which she donates a portion of the sales proceeds to animal awareness causes. If you read her profile you will see the many animal causes she is involved with. Her love of animals is also defined in her work, each one with an animal motif.


TiLT said...

very nice write up...I think we are up to 31 just one day later :)

BeadedTail said...

What a great feature on Pluggers United! Thank you for including me! I'm looking forward to being a part of this wonderful group of artisans!

Myfanwy said...

What a surprise! Thank you my dear for the mention. I think pluggers united is going to be a strong team.

SewHappyDesigns said...

What a great job blogging! We are going to be an AWESOME team...**sew is one of strongest cheerleaders**
Go Pluggers!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, was a nice suprise to be featured in you great write up of this new team.

I agree with Sassa Lynne...this is a strong team...growing stronger by the hour!

Pluggers United Team...the best of the best!


storybeader said...

great write-up, Mag. Pluggers United Rocks!

uniquecommodities said...

Awesome write up! We should be a huge team in no time!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Great right up!

agoodwitchtoo said...

WOOT for a wonderful write up from my favorite Hippy Chick! Thanks for the feature and all the kind words :)

The Filigree Garden said...

I've left you a note on my blog today. :-)