Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sassy:An Artist of Many Realms

Wool/Viscose Chennille Yarn

Viscose Felt

For someone who takes the time to honor all her Etsy friends in her special blog, “Sassa’”, I thought it was time to honor her and her many accomplishments here at Etsy.
Although known to most of us as Sassy or SassaLynne, her real name is MyFanwy Hart, who lives across the Atlantic in the UK. To me Sassy is one of the most creative and active member’s of a few teams here on Etsy; EtsyBloggers and Bbest Chatters, just to name a few, and yet she still manages to add something new to her shop almost daily; as well as write one of her creative stories on her blog, or highlight daily other artists on her special “Tre
asury Blog.”.

Serendipty Cotton Fabric

I have long admired the beautiful colors she creates in her threads, which can be found in her shops’ here on Etsy: “”.
According to her bio, MyFanwy has been seriously involved in textiles for about 20 years and has been dyeing for almost that length of time. She refers to some of her featured dyed items as from her Serendipity range; meaning “the result of a happy accident”. As any artist who works with textiles can attest, when using your own dyes, the colors you create at times even amaze themselves. With each item from her random dye pots, Sassy’s creations can be described as very special and individual.
As I mentioned before, I would often ask Sassy if any of her threads could be used as yarns for knitting or crocheting. Well, one can now find some beautiful yarns of Cotton and Viscose which are dyed by using a combination of Fibre Reactive Dyes. While her silk and wool yarns are dyed using acid dyes. I have since purchase a few of her beautiful yarns, and in fact, I am currently in the process of knitting with one of her Cotton and Viscose yarns, which is like knitting with silk. Her blending of colors is stunning and I am so excited
at how my knitting project is coming out.

Perle Yarn Threads

This is just one faction of the many talents that Myfanwy has. Among her many different blogs, her various other talents can be found in her many shops here at Etsy. One of her talents which really amazes me is the working with felt. The whole process of how she creates her felted fabric is done with an Embellishing machine. If this isn’t enough to keep her busy, she also finds time to teach courses and workshops in the UK. Sassy teaches various embroidery techniques using some of the embroidery threads which she sells from her other shop in England, “”. For most of us, myself included I couldn’t begin to find enough hours in a day to complete half of what she does. Yet Sassy also manages to find time working on her “Paper Patches” which are cards using patches of abaca tissue which she again hand dyes and prints herself. See her shop:
With all of these projects occupying her time, Myfanwy can always be found chatting in the threads, while highlighting the works of her friends on one of her many blogs. It was quite difficult to choose which of her works to showcase here on my blog, so I will take a little of each to give one a sampling of her many talents.

My project: Wool Viscose Chennille Neck Warmer


storybeader said...

nice tribute. and the neckwarmer you're working on is beautiful!

agoodwitchtoo said...

Lovely tribute! You must do a show and tell of what your knitting using her beautiful wares :)

Myfanwy said...

I am so touched. Thankyou so much. This was a total surprise, and I have a lump in my throat.

Sixsisters said...

So happy you featured Myfanway . She is so talented and such a nice person. Thanks for the great post

ZudaGay said...

Great feature of a wonderful artist!! Myfanwy's threads and yarns are so yummy and I love all of her work!!!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Lovely tribute! I know we're baby not supposed to pick favorites - but I Myfanwy is one of my favorite etsybloggers! I love her stuff and she's just a wonderful person :)

Chauncey said...

Myfanwy is truly a very nice person that does amazing work. Great feature MJ.

AltheaP said...

Lovely tribute to a lovely person and terrific artist. I think Myfanwy color sense is wonderful.

Rose said...

I love myfanwy's work. Her colors are sumptious! Great tribute to a great artist.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fabulous write up and a wonderful find! Thank you so much for sharing her!