Friday, September 26, 2008

Meet the Bakers!

Juelz waiting for Santa

Juelz inside the top of the Christmas Tree!

Roses (Baby Kitty) taking life easy

Roses Sexy pose

Piper as a puppy

Piper as Janis Joplin
a few days before she passed

Through my many blogs and Forum chats, I am sure most of your know the rest of the Baker clan: Kelly, Keith and Ryan. Thank goodness they are all grown, my daughter married, and the boys still living at home. Although, I admit there are some days when I would like to leave the door opened :) . It doesn't seem that long ago that I suffered many sleepness nights with them; but now my sleepless nights are the cause of the other half of the Baker Family - our cats. The oldest, 2 1/2 is kitty (Juelz Santana)-it's easier to say kitty, and "Baby Kitty" (Roses - her brother was Guns - Guns n Roses), but my boys refuse to call her Roses, so although she is about 1 1/2 yr old, she is still Baby Kitty. The older cat, her whole day is occupied with chasing the little one, so I ave to carry her back and forth to the kitchen for her food. For some reason though her play time is from 3 -6am, she will sit on my chest and tap me in the face until I start to scratch her - this little game of hers continues most of the night. While the other cat loves to jump up on the highest bookshelf she can find, then meow for someone to come get her. We did have a dog which was left to us by an elderly neighbor, who passed away when Piper was a puppy. Although she was only 10, she died last year, during that time when pets were dying from certain dog foods. In the morning she was fine, by 11 am she wasn't moving. She had the most mellow personality of any animal, and is still very much missed. Anyway, enjoy the pics!


miesmama said...

what beautiful furry children you have!!! I have a dog who is slowing down with old age, she is 12 yrs old, and can't walk very well anymore. I think it may be time for me to get a kitty, too!

BeadedTail said...

Such cute furbabies! Why do cats want to play in the middle of the night? Mine do the same thing!

Sorry to hear about your loss of Piper. She's adorable as Janis Joplin!

Thanks for introducing us to the animal side of your family!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Nice to meet the rest of your family :)

Anonymous said...

Haven't you noticed that they sleep most if not all day! Pickles likes to lay on my chest and lick my mouth in the early a.m. I love it!

Beautiful furbabies. Thanks for sharing.

The Filigree Garden said...

You have a lovely animal family. How sad about Piper. I am sure you have many wonderful memories of her.

storybeader said...

So sorry for your loss of Piper. Hadn't heard of anybody's experience with the bad pet food. Sounds like you still have a full house!