Saturday, September 6, 2008

Brillante Weblog 2008

Thanks to Myfanwy, also known as Sassy from, I find myself in the presence of six other great artists whom she nominated for this award from her website:
I have long admired "Sassy's" beautiful work and colors of her hand-dyed threads used for various types of embroidery or felting; something which, as I am learning from her, is a most fascinating process. Although I have been doing embroidery for about 40 years, everytime she would list another one of her beautiful threads in our Forum, "Boomer's" I would think what could I do with that, and would continually ask if it could also be used for knitting. Well, this week, Myfanwy granted my wish, not only by listing something I could use for knitting, but giving me a little "head's up" on a beautiful viscose chenille yarn, using her technique of dying with Fibre Reactive Yarns. The blending of the colors, Magenta, Sage, Lavender, Wisteria, and Pear with a touch of mink, touched me as soon as I saw it. I barely gave her time to list it before I purchased the chenille yarn. I am anxiously waiting it's arrival, which is from the UK (so I have to wait a few extra days), and then can't wait to get started creating something as beautiful as the colors Sassy created.
So once again, I have Myfanwy (Sassy to us Boomer's) to thank for putting me in the company of such other talented artists. As part of my now being nominated to the "Brillante Weblog-Primo 2008" - I in turn have to nominate seven artists who I feel are deserving of joining the rest of us who merit this award - I admit it is truly difficult to narrow it down to seven artists that I would like to pass this on to, since there are so many talented artists that I have met and made friends with on Etsy. Anyway here goes (some that I would love to add are already listed in Sassy's blog, so I will continue from there:

Now that I have passed the "Brilliante Weblog-Primo 2008" onto each of you, you in turn must do the same by following the instructions below:

1. Add the logo of the Award to your blog.
2. Add a link to the Person who nominated you for the Award.
3. Nominated 7 other blog members.
4. Add links to their blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message (or convo) for those you nominated on their blog.

Don't forget to check the blogs that I nominated, each one a well deserving artist. I wish I could have nominated about 25 more, but I am sure you will find those who deserve to be on this list!!
Thanks Sassy for thinking of me in your list of nominations.


Sixsisters said...

Pam Thank you for nominating me in your blog.
This is a great way to support each other.
I will get to work on this sometime today.
Thanks again for the generous consideration.

Mystic Silks said...

Thank you Pam, for inviting me to be one of the nominees.
I will attempt to follow your instructions.

Thank you again--:)

The Filigree Garden said...

Thank you so much for including my blog in this nomination. I will work on passing the torch along to others.

Alis said...

Oh Pam thank you so very much for this. I feel very honoured to receive this.

Myfanwy said...

Great selections, yes, I wanted 25 or so more too....