Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Orphan Works Act - Passed

On August 26, 2008, I added to my blog,, an Article, “Orphan Works-Shelved!”, published by Sara’s “Crafts of Texture” stating that the “Orphan Works Act” had been put on hold by both the Senate and the House of Representatives. As I stated in the Article, “I'll bet you, as I, thought this was a dead issue. Well we, and I just found out that is has been put on hold (again). In fact Congress tried twice to push it through, and both times was held due to the fact that not enough was made known to the public of the ramifications of the Bill”. You can find more details on Diane's Blog at, http://DianeClancy/
Now only one month later, Diane and I just learned from a group, “The Illustrators’ Partnership” that as of September 27, 2007, in a very controversial move, the Bill known as “The Orphan Works Act” was passed by the Senate. How and why?
The sponsors taking advantage of the current crisis in Congress, that of trying to save big businesses, by trying to raise $700 Billion, used this opportunity to bail out “business too big to fail” by very quietly passing “The Orphan Works Act” Legislation. Their reasoning is that it would force “us” (artists, photographers, crafters, illustrators, musician, songwriters, etc.) who use the internet as a marketing tool, to buy into Congress’s copyright law. Which essentially means that unless you buy copyright’s to your own work, that piece of act becomes known as an “Orphan Work” , and would allow anyone the right to steal or copy your work. Their plan is to use this money from the small copyright holders to subsidize big businesses who are currently failing. One example, is that of Google, who stands to make millions from the internet interests it already holds in regards to the millions of imagines it’s site support, and which will now due to this Bill, will ‘orphan” these works.
So it seems that Congress in an attempt to protect the many failing Financial Houses on Wall Street, will use the many corporate internet basis, as the source to regain the billions of dollars being lost daily by these large Corporations. What is means to us as “artists” is stated in a quote by David Rhodes, President, of the School of Visual Arts here in Manhattan, “the Orphan Works bill would socialize the expense of copyright protection while privatizing the profit of creative endeavors. Copyright owners neither want nor need this legislation. It will do great harm to small businesses. We already have a banking crisis. Congress should not lay the groundwork for a copyright crisis.”
The Illustrator’s Partnership in answer to this atrocity, is what they call Plan B: The Orphan Works Opposition. They propose that we contact Congress now to stop the House Judiciary Committee from the final adoption of this Bill. We can do so by following this link:
PLEASE EMAIL CONGRESS TODAY.If you've done it before, do it again!It takes only a minute to use our new special letter.Click on the link below, enter your zip code, and take the next steps.
For ongoing developments, go to the Illustrators' Partnership Orphan Works blog: those of you who are unfamiliar with “The Orphan Work’s Act” attached is a link to my original article, which is on my blog: Dated 5.15.08

Friday, September 26, 2008

Meet the Bakers!

Juelz waiting for Santa

Juelz inside the top of the Christmas Tree!

Roses (Baby Kitty) taking life easy

Roses Sexy pose

Piper as a puppy

Piper as Janis Joplin
a few days before she passed

Through my many blogs and Forum chats, I am sure most of your know the rest of the Baker clan: Kelly, Keith and Ryan. Thank goodness they are all grown, my daughter married, and the boys still living at home. Although, I admit there are some days when I would like to leave the door opened :) . It doesn't seem that long ago that I suffered many sleepness nights with them; but now my sleepless nights are the cause of the other half of the Baker Family - our cats. The oldest, 2 1/2 is kitty (Juelz Santana)-it's easier to say kitty, and "Baby Kitty" (Roses - her brother was Guns - Guns n Roses), but my boys refuse to call her Roses, so although she is about 1 1/2 yr old, she is still Baby Kitty. The older cat, her whole day is occupied with chasing the little one, so I ave to carry her back and forth to the kitchen for her food. For some reason though her play time is from 3 -6am, she will sit on my chest and tap me in the face until I start to scratch her - this little game of hers continues most of the night. While the other cat loves to jump up on the highest bookshelf she can find, then meow for someone to come get her. We did have a dog which was left to us by an elderly neighbor, who passed away when Piper was a puppy. Although she was only 10, she died last year, during that time when pets were dying from certain dog foods. In the morning she was fine, by 11 am she wasn't moving. She had the most mellow personality of any animal, and is still very much missed. Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Wedding of Christian & Kelly

The much talked about wedding of my nephew Christian to his girlfriend (now wife) Kelly, finally took place last Saturday, September 20. Although having to drive almost 4 hours to get there, it was a perfect day and well worth the many miles traveling the Garden State Pkwy (NJ) to get there. The ceremony took place outside in a beautiful Winery (Renault Winery) in Southern New Jersey, near Atlantic City. While we (my children and I) were waiting for the wedding to start, we took advantage of their little "winery gift shop". Beside buying the usual Merlot and Port (which are one of the best we have tasted) the coup de gras, was the Blueberry Champagne; which to our surprise, during the reception they had a flowing fountain of this delicious Champagne.
As you can see from the photo's the scenery was the perfect setting for a perfect wedding. Christian, who is also my Godson, has 3 other brothers, and a sister, who were a part of the Ceremony. Of course, as beautiful as the Bride and Groom were, the scene stealer's of the wedding were their 20 mo old son, Strummer, who was the ring bearer (tuxedo and all), and the little flower girl, who is just 22 months old.
One beautiful moment during the reception was during the "First Dance" with Christian and Kelly; they picked up Strummer, as he helped them through the final moments of their first dance. Quite different was the Father/Daughter dance, not your usual, "Daddy's Little Girl", but they danced to Guns n' Roses, "Sweet Child of Mine". That kind of set the tone for the rest of the wedding! Another classic moment was that of Strummer rockin' out on the dance floor surrounded by all the young ladies, and loving every minute of it (see pic).
Another great thing about weddings is the chance to see family and cousins who keep spreading out. One pic is of my cousin, Joyce (who now lives in Chicago), and a doing a little posing of our own with the "naked" statue.(oh, I am the one on the right). One does not have to look at that picture to realize that we were the devils of our generation!
Now that we have made it through their beautiful wedding; their are 6 more cousins' to go. My daughter, Kelly was married two years ago this September; so who know what will be next September!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Catholics of Today

by Pamela Baker

When one thinks of India, what first comes to mind is the beauty of their culture, and the peacefulness that one achieves through their many forms of meditation. What I am about to write about one would hardly call peace or beauty. It is the persecution of Catholics that is currently going on right now in India. India has long been known as a Hindu country, primarily in the Northeast part of India near Tibet, which is largely Hindu. For centuries, Catholic Missionaries have gone to the region to try to convert some of those interested in the Catholic religion. Many wars have been fought to prevent this, but as time passes, the people have become more tolerant towards other religions.

Two weeks ago, Hindu terrorists began a campaign to destroy all traces of the Catholic religion in that region of India. Catholic Churches and homes of many Catholics are being burned to the ground (see photos). Many priests are being killed, as well as many Catholics who continue to practice their religion.

Fr. Thomas Chellen, director of the pastoral center that was destroyed with a bomb, had a narrow escape after a Hindu mob nearly set him on fire. Fr. Chellen had this horrifying experience to share with Catholic News Service: “A gang of about 50 armed Hindus beat us up and led us like culprits along the road in what they referred to as the ‘Crucifixion Parade’ and led us to the burned pastoral center. “They then poured kerosene on my head, and one held a matchbox in his hands to light the fire. But thanks to divine providence, in the end, they did not do that. Otherwise, I would not have been there to tell this horror,' the 55-year-old priest, director of the pastoral center at Konjamendi in the Indian state of Orissa, told Catholic News Service in a telephone interview from his hospital bed Aug. 28.When the Hindu mob of 50 people broke into the pastoral center around noon that day. Father Chellen said he fled through the backyard with another priest and a nun. The terrorists then grabbed the 20 yr old noviate (one training to become a nun) who was teaching, and proceeded to drag from her school, to the center of the town, then stripped and raped her in front of everyone, and set her ablaze while alive (see the photo). Young children are being burnt while still living in their homes.

As of this week, the burning of Catholic Churches has spread to the South of India. Although India is only about 2% Catholic; most of them have made their homes in the Southern States, where I also have many friends who live there. I worry and pray for their safety, as these terrorists continue their journey of destruction. I asked my friend who is from South India, and is presently living here why the Government of India is allowing this. His response was “they turn their heads, as the Government is primarily made up of Hindu’s”.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Etsy has gone YouTube!

by Guest Writer Pamela Baker

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were just learning the mechanisms of a mouse and keyboard while still trying to figure out what do to do next! Then along came the internet, which opened up a whole new world to those of us who had just mastered the art of just turning on our computers. “Surfing the net” was a foreign term 10 years ago. Now we have absolutely everything imaginable at our fingertips. A whole new world of learning, research, chatting, shopping and marketing has opened up.

Next came YouTube, where one can put any sort of video online for their friends to see. An adventure in which my boys are well in tune with. When I first saw some of the crazy videos people posted, I admit I was in awe of the whole idea, never thinking that one day I would be the one posting video’s on YouTube. As I mentioned before how the internet has opened a whole new world to us, it seems marketing by way of YouTube is the latest undertaking for some of us here at Etsy.

With what began as a mere thought only a few weeks ago, has now become a whole new trend. My group on Etsy, “The Boomer’s” started using "print screen" to save some of Treasury’s we had done; and then turned them into a videos, posting them on "YouTube". I though an even better idea would be to market some of the items from my shop onto YouTube. So after deciding which pieces of my jewelry I wanted to show, I uploaded the photos’, added some music, “U2” (one of my favorite bands), and the computer does the rest! Since I have posted the video only 1 week ago (Aug 6th ), I have already gotten some custom orders; just today I received two more requests for necklaces from my shop. I am posting the link to my "YouTube" Video to give you an idea of the prospects that this may lead to you.

Ok, I will admit it cannot be summed up in two sentences. There is a little more involvement to the whole process. If you are interested, make sure you have Windows XP or Vista. Go to your Programs and click on Accessories. You will have either Movie Maker or PhotoStory3 already listed. Some may prefer another program called Photo Gallery, which can be found in your Programs/Windows Live/Photo Gallery. Personally, I find PhotoStory3 the easiest to work with for myself. If you don’t have any of these, just Google which program you would like and then upload it to your computer. Once you have mastered that you are on your way. The rest is simple – just follow the instructions – upload photos- each Program will let you edit your picture once it is uploaded. Next, you can add titles onto each photo (if you wish); thirdly, you can add any song you may have already uploaded onto your Computer. A good program for this is Limelight. If any of you have teenagers, you can bet there are plenty of songs already on your computer. Oh yes, I almost forgot the most important thing, signing up with YouTube (doesn’t cost anything!) – Now you are almost ready to start showcasing your work. When your photos are ready to be uploaded to YouTube, make sure you save them in a movie format (on mine, after the title I just have to type .wmv). Now that I have given you a sample of our new marketing techniques on Etsy, along with a little tutorial, the rest is up to you. Good luck and see you on "YouTube."!

****Since submitting this article I have put another video (as of yesterday) of my work onto YouTube:

Written by Pamela Baker of
Posted by Sara's Texture Crafts

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Love Your Blog!!!!

What a nice surprise to open my email from Sara of "Sara's Texture Crafts" , whose website is: and find this adorable little sign "I Love Your Blog". Although Sara and I have never met, being that we are on opposite sides of the Atlantic, through my admiring her daily blogs of her crafts, and she in turn admiring many of my articles, which she has published, we have become friends. I look daily for what I will learn today regarding her expertise in felting, along with her other crafts of making yarn, jewelry, etc. So it really brought a smile to my face to find that she has put me on her list of seven favorite "I Love Your Blog" list!
So now, I in turn, must "spread the love" and send this little "I Love Your Blog" sign to 7 crafter's whose blogs I enjoy reading.

Thanks again Sara, and I hope this brings a smile to my 7 friends that I listed!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

In Remembrance - September 11, 2001

I can't believe seven years have passed since the tragedy of 9/11. I went to Church this morning and at the exact time the first plane hit the Tower 1, the bells started chiming for 5 minutes. It brought back so many memories. Living in a suburb right outside NY City, I can't tell you how much it affected us. Many of those whose lives were lost when the Towers collasped lived in this area. So every year it is a feeling that sits within you, almost like the day Kennedy was shot. You just never can forget that exact moment when you first heard those words - The World Trade Towers have been struck by a plane. I had just gotten to work, and as we all stood mesmerized by the TV, and minutes later when the second plane hit Tower 2 the shock and realization that this was a terrorist attack brought us all back to reality.
That afternoon I went with my friend Paul to sit quietly by the water, where we watched the smoke rising higher and higher in the sky from all the destruction. Neither one of us could even speak, we just sat in silence with our own thoughts gazing across the waters.
It was a few days before anyone could get into the city, as it was in lockdown; especially near Ground Zero. The moment when my friends and I did get down to see where the Twin Towers had once stood, it was a moment forever etched within me.
The quilt square above is my dedication to September 11, 2001.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Brillante Weblog 2008

Thanks to Myfanwy, also known as Sassy from, I find myself in the presence of six other great artists whom she nominated for this award from her website:
I have long admired "Sassy's" beautiful work and colors of her hand-dyed threads used for various types of embroidery or felting; something which, as I am learning from her, is a most fascinating process. Although I have been doing embroidery for about 40 years, everytime she would list another one of her beautiful threads in our Forum, "Boomer's" I would think what could I do with that, and would continually ask if it could also be used for knitting. Well, this week, Myfanwy granted my wish, not only by listing something I could use for knitting, but giving me a little "head's up" on a beautiful viscose chenille yarn, using her technique of dying with Fibre Reactive Yarns. The blending of the colors, Magenta, Sage, Lavender, Wisteria, and Pear with a touch of mink, touched me as soon as I saw it. I barely gave her time to list it before I purchased the chenille yarn. I am anxiously waiting it's arrival, which is from the UK (so I have to wait a few extra days), and then can't wait to get started creating something as beautiful as the colors Sassy created.
So once again, I have Myfanwy (Sassy to us Boomer's) to thank for putting me in the company of such other talented artists. As part of my now being nominated to the "Brillante Weblog-Primo 2008" - I in turn have to nominate seven artists who I feel are deserving of joining the rest of us who merit this award - I admit it is truly difficult to narrow it down to seven artists that I would like to pass this on to, since there are so many talented artists that I have met and made friends with on Etsy. Anyway here goes (some that I would love to add are already listed in Sassy's blog, so I will continue from there:

Now that I have passed the "Brilliante Weblog-Primo 2008" onto each of you, you in turn must do the same by following the instructions below:

1. Add the logo of the Award to your blog.
2. Add a link to the Person who nominated you for the Award.
3. Nominated 7 other blog members.
4. Add links to their blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message (or convo) for those you nominated on their blog.

Don't forget to check the blogs that I nominated, each one a well deserving artist. I wish I could have nominated about 25 more, but I am sure you will find those who deserve to be on this list!!
Thanks Sassy for thinking of me in your list of nominations.