Monday, July 7, 2008

Magdalene: The Actress!

When I am not busy working on my jewelry, or chatting in the Forums, one can find me busy sitting at my sewing machine. Besides making quilts, I have been the costume designer and makeup artist for our local theater group for the past 6 years. So for the past few weeks, I have been busy designing and making the costumes for our summer play, Alice in Wonderland.
Each summer our theatre group, The Fort Hill Players, puts on 10 free performances for children in different parks around our area. Our first performance is tonight! Last week was what is known in the theatre world as “hell week.” Dress Rehearsal every night. I also did most of the props for the play also. The Queen’s chair and the scroll for the White Rabbit are just a few that I did. My daughter Kelly has been performing with this theatre group for 7 years, her first performance was in one of our summer productions, she was Wilbur in “Charlotte’s Web.” This year she is the White Rabbit. I have the part of the Knave of Hearts which is wonderful; I don’t have to learn one line (because he doesn’t speak!). I must admit this play was one of the more exciting one’s that I have worked on. Besides the fact that both my daughter and I love the story of Alice in Wonderland; there are so many fun and fanciful costumes to make.
Our theatre group also does two major productions during the year, one in October and one in March, which are for adults. I have had small parts in a few of those productions. My daughter is the actress! as well as being director and at other times, Stage Manager. The profits from these shows are what fund our free theatre in the parks. As soon as we finish our summer shows, I will be starting the costumes for our October play. This local theatre group has been in existence for almost 70 years now. Coincidentally, my mother was also in this theatre group in the 50’s, and started out as their makeup artist, then went into acting. So I guess the theatre bug runs in the family.
Enjoy the pictures of the show and the costumes. And while you are probably reading this on my blog, I will be out there in one of the many parks performing. The group picture is of our crew and staff – I am the one sitting on the corner of the desk and my daughter is standing next to me.


Rose said...

Love the pictures of the play. Having once been a costume designer I really appreciate the work and imagination that goes into making those costumes :)

Sixsisters said...

Great pics Pam. The costumes are great. I am sure you
were wonderful too!

ZudaGay said...

I am sure that the children who get to see your play are loving every part of it!! Great costumes. I'd love to come watch!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Wow what great costumes... and such a great idea to bring theatre outside!
Sara x

Kelly said...

Hippity Hop from the White Rabbit (AKA Pam's Daughter). The costume were fabulous - the pictures do not them justice. She didn't mention that she also made special heart earrings for the Queen of Hearts. Everyone in the cast wanted some.

thewildhare said...

What great shots - and what great fun! Theater fills your life! I think I might be able to do a non-speaking role sometime - although I am not certain. The view from the stage into all those faces is overwhelming to me!

Can't wait to see some YouTube action shots when you get a chance.

Pam, it pleases me in some silly way that you are doing this. Makes the world a richer place. :)