Sunday, June 29, 2008

Diane Clancy: An Artist with a Vision!

I am sure many of you already know the artwork of Diane Clancy, and/or have seen her in many Treasury's. I got to know Diane through our "Boomer" group; but even better as we began working together on a very important issue which she had brought to my attention, "The Orphan Act", of which she truly did a lot of research on. For those of you who by now do not know about "The Orphan Act", unfortunately, a the bill was passed through the House and Senate in April. Basically, it affects all of us here at Etsy, as well as all other artists in all realms. It allows any piece of work listed on the internet to be copyrighted by anyone seeking to use the same design, medium, thought; or just blantanly copy one's one photographic memories they may have posted. What Congress is forcing us to do is to sign up with their own government controlled registry that would mandate us to register each piece of work of commercial interests. Of course, you would not be legally forced to place your work with these for-profit registries; but failure to do so would orphan your work (leaving it open to anyone who wishes to use it for their own purpose.
Truthfully, though I am here to introduce you to Diane as the artist; if you wish to know more about "The Orphan Act", please see either Diane's blog:, or my own blog, of which I have had a few articles published:http:/ Diane views her artwork as something to uplift and inspire other people For those familiar with her work know that her vision is to portray her artwork through her use of many vibrant colors.Glancing through the Treasuries, I am sure many of you have come across her collection of what she terms her "bubbleart" a few of which are shown above. Her work is also a creation of digital and traditional mediums, as is viewed in the pictures I have chosen "Concondrum 1; and "Light and Dark." (see below) I have also posted one of my favorites "Emma" the little kitten hidden among the flowers. According to Diane. "she feels very blessed to have the opportunity to express herself through painting. 'I love that people say my artwork enhances their lives.'"

Besides being listed here on Etsy,
, she is also a member of WWAO (Worldwide Women Artists Online), VAST (Visual Artists Street Team), BBEST, WMass (Western Mass), ACEtsy (ACEOs), GalleryUnited (original fine art) and Interior Design Team.
Viewing her blog, you will understand why Diane says, " I am excited that people are enjoying seeing my work and hearing about my process in creating this artwork!"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

June Favorites

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let me Introduce: SixSisters

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

Thanks to Joan - ( (http:/ she once again has us finding what makes us who we are. If you click on "What Flower are You?" you will find another side of your personality. A few months ago - we were identified by our very own Fairy (thanks to Joan) and now we are defined by the type of flower we are. Luckily, Joan and I both have similar personalities!

This is "Fidget" which was designed for me

This is Pearl's Fairy

Another one of Six's custom Fairy's

Of course, we cannot just define Joan by her flowers or fairies, her artwork in her shop truly reflects her inner personality. When one sees her paintings of little children or her fairies or the woman in the "Wind" (one of my favorites) one cannot help but smile, she brings out either the child fantasy in all of us, or a feeling experienced as we let our imaginations take us along with her through her drawings. As Joan says "they take you to a place of wonder and peace. A lot of her ideas come from childhood memories for fantasy's which she has brought forth from within to without.

Not all of Joan's work are these imaginative sketches, but if you go to her blog, you will find some beautiful photographs she has taken. As she says "I always see something different when I look up into the branches. Patterns and shapes. Colors. Lines bold and thin, crisscrossing each other, intersecting. I love looking at that and try to use it in some of my work." That is a vision of a true artist - one may look at a tree or the sky and see what is there, the artist always looks beyond that realm and brings forth the inner beauty for us to enjoy.