Monday, May 19, 2008

Tragedy&Triumph: Adoption

For those of you who have thought we have forgotten about this project, I am about to begin the final stage of The Tragedy & Triumph Quilt Project.
"An ADOPTED Child is a BELOVED child"
This beautiful and poignant heart symbolizing Adoption was done by Heather of "". The heart in the center of the square represents the love for the adopted child by both the adoptive and biological parents. The two sides of the heart represents the two sets of parents, while the smaller heart represents the child. The pearl on the red side of the heart (directly opposite the tiny heart of the child) represents the tears and joys experienced by both sets of parents.
Around the heart are actual quotes, including the quote above, are from families involved in actual adoptions. Another beautiful quote is: "A Birthmother puts the needs of her child above the wants of her Heart. This square is not only beautifully done, but so beautiful in thought!

Thank you Heather.

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