Friday, May 30, 2008

Pope John Paul XXIII

The last block received is a beautiful tribute to Pope John Paul XXIII, a man who contributed much not only to the Catholic Church but to many around the world. This square was done by Serena of
Although Pope John XXIII was Pope for only 5 years, he is noted as the most popular and beloved Popes in the history of the Catholic Church. Through his many Councils, he was successful in bringing the religion to the people of today through his many changes of outdated customs and theory's. He also reached out to all other religions which he found was the basis of our own theology. Since his beatification (the process of being a saint) he is now known as "Blessed John XXIII".
This was a nice conclusion to a project which began 6 months ago, and now is completed. I am sure many of you who submitted your quilt squares so many months ago probably think I may have forgotten you; but each quilt, a work of art in itself, will be given the honor and love that was brought forth from each of you. Unfortunately many of those who originally had signed up for the Triumph and Tragedy Quilt decided not to submit something, but what I have received will be assembled into two beautiful works of art. I really do wish to thank all of you (I will be listing each participant with a picture of their contribution on my blog within a few days). In the meantime, I hope you all have been following the progress as I have received each block and immediately posted it here for all to see.
Sorry Serena, I didn't mean to take away from your glory - so I have posted your square of Pope John Paul XXIII to share with all. Again, thanks much for everyone bringing forth to our consciousness, their imaginative talents on a subject that meant something specifically to them, and has been a subject of importance to not only us, but most of the World.

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