Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tragedy & Triumph from Alisclair

Alisclair of "" contributed two quilt blocks to our Tragedy and Triumph Quilting Project. Alisclair comes from the United Kingdom, so when she first told me what she wanted to do, RNLI, I have to admit (as probably most of us do) that I have never heard of it.
RNLI stands for the "Royal National Lifeboat Institute".
The RNLI is an all volunteer, charity supported Institute that provides 24-hour lifesaving service around the UK and Republic of Ireland. These volunteers come from all walks of life and they devote their time to saving the lives of others, while often risking their own lives. The lifeboat crews carry out rescues at sea during many difficult and dangerous situations.
Alisclair submitted two blocks, one representing the Tragedy (Pic #1) that these devoted crew members face each day. It shows one of their boats on a rescue mission. The Triumph (pic #2)
shows the triumph of a successful rescue as the members of the RNLI return to shore.
Thanks Alis for teaching us all something of such importance from your part of the world.


ZudaGay said...

Very interesting!!! Lovely quilt blocks!!

Precious Quilts said...

Beautiful work from a very talented lady. Excellent write up too, very informative!