Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Art of being Ryan

Ever since I can remember, my son Ryan has loved to draw. I would have to list his talents as a bit bizarre, as one scans book after book of his drawings. One could say his ideas have always been quite imaginative: in Kindergarten on "Parent's Night" the teacher had proudly displayed the drawing the children did of their homes. Picture after picture was of nice little square houses with a triangle roof, maybe one or two windows, and a few flowers outside. Adorable! Then comes Ryan's drawing of his home (which truly confounded the teacher!) but there it was, the square little house with a dark red roof, and inside the house was a caliope of colors going round and round - a bit on the psychedelic side. Oh yes, I still have that drawing.
His drawings still tend to be an extension of Ryan's strange imagination. He has even done some drawings for a tatoo shop - a true Boomer would remember "Big Joe"! So he has relentlessly allowed me to post a few of his drawings. Oddly enough, as strange as they are, I keep telling him he has artistic talent (perhaps that's the mother in me).


Sixsisters said...

Wow he does have talent ! Those are great.

Fused Glass said...

talented young man...needs to continue...he'll only get better!

ZudaGay said...

Great work, Ryan!!!