Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Triumph of Beauty

This block was contributed by Ev and her daughter Elle, who is 9 1.2 years old. They worked together sewing the block as a family project. Ev, is part of the team that makes up "artisanimpact.etsy.com".
The square is made with denim, a fabric that is one of the most natural of materials used today. In the 60's, denim symbolized the revolt against the "establishment" and all that it stood for. Today it is the symbol of the America's culture. Placed neatly upon the denim is a small olive green pocket, which has hidden inside a small stone of Jade. Jade, called the "Royal Gem" by the Chinese, is one of the most precious of stones. It is symbolic of a unique energy and strength; a symbol of all things good, beautiful and precious. You will note in one of the pictures the small Jade stone out of its pocket.

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