Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Let's Stop Shootings on Campus

I just finished my second square. Most definitely it will have to go onto the "Tragedy" quilt. The theme revolves around all the campus shootings and killings. It seems you can't pick up a paper today or turn on the news, that something tragic hasn't happened on school grounds.
Remember when we all thought Kent State was the worst kind of massacre. For those of you who are too young to remember, a group of students were protesting the Vietnam War, and armed guards were sent in to disperse the crowds. Instead they opened fire on the students, many who were peacefully sitting while demonstrating. What we have today seems to be must worse. This is students killing students. It really is a scary thought that you are sending your child off to school, not knowing whether or not they will return.
After the killings when everyone is trying to figure out "how could this have happened" - in most instances, there are so many warning signs that the killers have been showing for weeks before they finally decide "Today is the Day!" I have no answers, but only hope when their friends or other students notice another student suddenly distancing himself or becoming completely withdrawn that they speak up. It may help stop some of these senseless killings at our children's schools. Pam

Since I last posted all those contributing to our "Tragedy and Triumph" Quilting Project. we have had a few more "etsians" join our group. Some that have signed up already, are now working on a second square. So these are our latest additions:
Pat of "Alaskasews2.etsy."- (She is doing two sqaures) Triumph: Heart Valve Surgery; and Woman's Suffrage since 1920 to today.
Heather of "" is contributing to our Triumph Quilt
Betsy of "" - has already finished her second square which was just posted "The Triumph of Women"
Marion of "" did a beautiful square on Breast Cancer Awareness, which also was just posted recently.
"" - just signed on last night. I will let you all know what her idea will be.
Many have asked if they can do a second square, please feel free to do as many as you wish!
They are all coming out great.

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