Monday, March 31, 2008

Featured Artists: Artisan Look

One of my favorite shop's is "ArtisanImpact" not only for the beautiful craftsmanship they use in creating their jewelry, but for their warm spirit and friendliness. The credit for the beautiful pieces go to Oded, Ilan and Ev, who individually hand-craft their own metals by their unique blending of silver and gold with various gemstones, the "Oded and Ilan Collection."
In between all their creativeness, in February they managed to put together a catalogue called, "Artisan World" which featured many artists of Etsy, and distributed over 80,000 copies worldwide. They are currently working on their next catalogue.
"Out of a stone comes a gem": expanding their own unique visions of art, comes their newest shop "ArtisanLook". Although the craftsmanship will be the same, and the artisans behind Artisanimpact will remain the same, they have now opened this newest "sister" shop to be able to expand their many designs. With so many of the unique pieces of jewelry that they have created, they were beginning to outgrow their own shop. This will also give the buyer a better chance to see more of the designs from these very talent "artisans."
The pictures shown are just a few of the pieces of jewelry from "ArtisanLook."


Liran & Ev said...

thankyou so much!it warms the heart!

Ilan, Oded and Ev

Night Sky said...

I love your article about the Boomers and Beth's art. Well done!!