Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tragedy and Triumph Quilts

Sorry for not keeping you all updated on the progress of our "Tragedy and Triumph" Quilting Project. I took two weeks off to visit Portugal (Fatima), Spain, and France (Lourdes Shrine). It
was such a beautiful experience - but that will all have to wait until my next blog!
Although I was away, I did receive quite a few emails that you are all working hard on your squares, and most of them almost done. When Andrea (JennyGardener.etsy) and I started this project, we had no idea of what was to become some very thoughtful and inspiring ideas for each person's block (square).
I just received a picture of Marion's finished block which I wanted to share with you all. As a breast cancer survivor, her quilt is truly a testament to her "triumph" and to all of those who are also survivors.
I don't know how many of you have suffered from, or are suffering with breast cancer. I hope Marion's square will give you all (and us) a sense of hope for a cure. Marion has been quilting for many years (about 25); we started together with a one-day course, when our children were babies (and we were not much older!), but the quilt's in her shop are an indication that she has continued working and learning new techniques. Her shop is

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Lisa said...

Pam, your quilting project is an awesome idea! Marion's block is beautiful and what a testament to the triumph over cancer! Cannot wait to see the finished project :)