Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tragedy and Triumph Continues

The block I received yesterday from Jacki of "" is not only beautifully done, but has a lot of meaning behind it.
The block "In Memoriam" depicts a flagged draped coffin, surround by in In Memory of the US Army. As we all come and go about our busy lives, how often do we think about these men who are in Iraq fighting for our freedom here. I find Jacki's contribution very moving. Also if you notice (in the close-up shot) there are 3 small pearls embroidered onto the square, each having it's own meaning. The first pearl is for her father who served in the US Army and has since passed away, the second pearl is in honor of her husband whom she lost also, the third pearl is dedicated to the rest of those men who through their dedication to this country have lost their lives due to war.

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Sixsisters said...

Another moving tribute to our Americans who give their lives to protect us. Thanks for sharing.