Friday, February 22, 2008

My Spiritual Journey to Fatima and Lourdes-Part I

Many of you have ask about, and been waiting for the details of my trip. The past two weeks have been spent just trying to absorb all that I saw and the peacefulness of my journey. If you notice the heading says Part I - if I were to sit and reflex all that I saw and felt while I am here typing, I will sitting here for days, and even more you will be reading even longer. So I decided I shall have to write in segments. The pictures don't even begin to tell enough of what we experienced.
A few weeks ago I took off on a two week journey through Portugal, Spain, and France. Our tour was going to visit Fatima (Portugal) and Lourdes (France). It was one of those decisions that you keep saying should I go, or should I not go. The very last day to sign up (which is typical of me), I decided I would join my friends and venture on this spiritual journey. So with my backpack over my shoulder, ipod pulled in, luggage in tow, I departed from JFK.
We first arrived in Portugal. What amazed me was how peaceful everything there was.
We visited the site where the miracle of Fatima appeared to three small Portuguese children, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta in 1917. Our Lady appeared to the children three separate times, each time revealing the warning of war and destruction. She asked the children to ask the people to pray the Rosary for peace. The third revelation was finally revealed in the year 2000. Growing up Catholic, and I personally attended, Our Lady of Fatima School, in Scarsdale NY, I was well aware of the miracle and stories told to us over the years. It is not until your visit the site of the miracle, and visit the homes that these children lived in, and walk along the pathway they traveled everyday while attending their sheep, that you realize the truth behind all these "miracles." The tree the children would sit under each day waiting for the next visitation is still standing. We also visited their original grave sites (the two younger children died in 1927 and 1928 at the ages of 10 and 11). Their bodies have since been moved to the beautiful Basilica built in honor of Our Lady of Fatima and the miracle that appeared there. I actually met the youngest girl, Jacinta's cousin, and had a picture taken with him. It was really an amazing feeling standing in their original home and meeting their cousin. At times it seemed to surreal. The first set of pictures are from their home, the Basilica, Jacinta's cousin and our group.

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What a fabulous trip! I'll look forward to future entries.