Saturday, February 23, 2008

Artisan of the World Catalogue

Every once in a while you come across just that person or persons' who you know will make a difference in your life. In early November I was fortunate enough to be hearted by one of my favorite Etsy site - "". I always like to check the shop of the person who hearted me, and send a little note thanking them for visiting my shop. Of course, just visiting the shop was not enough for me - when I saw the beautiful metal working they do in making their jewelry I was completely taken in. Always believing in Karma (Hindu for how life is determined by one's own destiny or fate), I saw a ring which I absolutely loved, "Karma". Since it was a few days from my birthday, well as destiny will have it, the ring was my present to myself (see my previous post). I immediately felt a personal connection with the artists at "artisanimpact" - Oded, Ilan and Ev, which is still evident in our convo's and emails.
Around Christmas, they ingeniously came up with the idea to do a catalogue, "Artisan of the World" which features the beautiful, artistic talent of many of our Etsy members. The Catalogue, which they expect to distribute 80,000 copies worldwide to top stores and designers. When they emailed me to see if I was interested, my first response to them was, did they think my jewelry to be good enough for such a Catalogue! Not only did they say yes, but also helped me with some of my photos, which led me to learn Photoshop, and revamp my whole shop; re- shooting most of my jewelry. I am proud to say that my ad in the Catalogue came out beautifully, as did all of the other artist's involved.
As Ev often reads my blogs and loves my style of writing, she asked me to write the Introduction to the Catalogue and their Bio as well. I wish them much success with the Catalogue, as they put a lot of time and work into it. Attached is my ad from the "Artisan of the World", and am patiently awaiting my copy's in the mail - of course, one will be off to India to my friends there. As for my friends here the ad is just a sampling of my jewelry, and I invite all to stop by my shop; Again, most of the thanks go to my friends at "artisanimpact!"

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Liran & Ev said...

Pam, Thankyou so much for everything.
you are the best and you deserve the best.
love Ilan, Oded and Ev.