Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tragedy and Triumph - त्रगेद्त ऎंड त्रिउम्फ

A few weeks ago I wrote about my love of quilting and showed a few of the quilts that I have done. In the meantime, though, I have somewhat put my quilting "on the back burner" as I started making jewelry. Andrea, "", and I have been brainstorming an idea which we hope will got a lot of support from our Etsy friends and quilters. Of course, before we get our idea off the ground and onto our quilting mats, we let Administration know what we are working towards. Yesterday, Jan 9, I emailed "The Storque" about our idea and they absolutely loved it, and gave us the ok to get started. They suggested we start soliciting artists through the forums and various Teams. Besides going through the forums, Andrea and I will attempt to convo as many quilters, photographers, artists, etc. as possible. I am going to keep "The Storque" updated with our progress through photos, and list all those artists who are participating, with a mention of their shop (good publicity!). When we are finished I will do a nice article on with the finished project for "The Storque."
Andrea came up with the idea of calling our project "Tragedy and Triumph". What started as a conversation in a thread on the forums talking about embroidery and quilting, and as all forums seem to do, led to a whole different aspect of what was started - Andrea had mentioned about doing an embroidery commemorating something historical that has either taken place or changed our lives since the beginning of the new millennium. This was met with comments in a few of the threads that not everything which has occurred in these past 8 years has been tragic. Some in the forums mentioned the many accomplishments achieved during this time. Since everyone had so many views and opinions, I suggested that if we each submitted an 8" (block) quilting square (actually 8 1/2" allowing for seamage), we could each either quilt, embroider, photograph onto a square, paint, applique' - whatever our talents allow: specifically something historical.
This is where our "Tragedy and Triumph" theme came into play. We decided that since so many views were presented, we would assemble 2 different quilts, each one symbolizing the tragedies that have affected us and will remain with us throughout history and should not be forgotten, or the successful triumphs that have been accomplished historically during this time. Of course, we suggest that if interested, you mention your shop and idea - we don't want to have 20 squares of 9/11, etc. At that point, I will keep an updated list on my blog. One can also submit a square for each quilt, we will need 80 squares for each. I will then assemble the various squares into a quilt, which we will offer to Etsy to auction off, with the proceeds going to such charities as the many orphans in Iraq; children of fallen soldiers; those left homeless by Katrina, etc - of course these ideas are open for any suggestions. Also, this project is open to all, whether here, or in England, Canada, Europe; basically all Estians!
Well, now that Andrea and I have gotten the ok, we will begin listing this in the forums, or if you are interested, you either convo me or leave a message on my blog. Andrea and I hope for much success for our 2008 Project - "Tragedy and Triumph."

ps if you go down 2 post you can see some of the quilts i have done


paris Chic boutique said...

What a beautiful idea, I wish I quilted. Best of luck with it.
Hope you have a wonderful vacation too!

marion said...

I'm interested in participating, and would like more details