Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tragedy and Triumph - Update

It has been only 2 days since we first published our quest for quilters to contribute to our "Tragedy and Triumph" Project. So far the response is far beyond what we expected! Everyone who has signed up to do a block, has the most rewarding ideas that they submitted. Everything from "The Devastation of Katrina"; "The Oklahoma Bombing"; "Tsunami"; to "The Space Exploration centering around Mars" "Proud to be an American"; and "The Rings around Saturn". Last night, I had one estian "" ask if she could do a block in honor of not only losing an infant, but just recently a grandbaby to SIDS. I welcomed her contribution as it is a disease that so many forget about, but even today is just as prevalent as just this past year alone-2007- 177,826 babies have been lost to this disease (as of last count!).
So far this is a list of our Etsy artists who are contributing their time to make a block for our Project. Each member, not only asking to be a part of our tribute, but has a story connected to what they are designing; something that has touched almost each one individually. - being only about 20 mi from the site of 9/11 - my block will be a tribute to the many firemen who worked so hard that day
Jenny - her block will show the planes going into the Twin Towers-9/11 Marion's block will honor Scotland's "Triumph" of it's own Parliament wishes to dedicate her block to the falling of Sadam Hussein will be doing a block to remind us of the importance of making all aware of the ecological needs in this Country her block will be a dedication to the loss due to the Tsunami Although it has been 10 years, the bombing of Oklahoma is still an important part of our consciousness today Is doing a quilt on Katrina, she was there afterwards to help Her block will be a tribute to our love of America Her Tragedy block will honor the Columbia Shuttle Devastation Her Triumph will cover the Space Probe's discovery of the rings of Saturn She is doing two blocks honoring the memory of two babies lost to SIDS Joan's block will be on the "Texas Bonfire Tragedy" doesn't seem like that long ago! Janine's block on Drug Abuse, is a tribute to the loss of her two brother's. Heather is going to do a block for the Triumph Quilt. Pat is contributing 2 blocks; one symbolizing Woman's Suffrage and women in politics; her other square will be dedicated to Heart Value Transplants Carly's Tragedy will be dedicated to Survivors of Abuse
So it looks as though we are off to a great start! Andrea and I invite all who are interested to join all of these other Esty friends in our "Tragedy and Triumph" Project.
Will keep you updated on my blog as we progress!

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