Monday, January 21, 2008

Our First "Triumph"

For all of those who have been following, or are participating in our quilting project, "Tragedy & Triumph", our first block has been submitted by Gayle Williams, whose shop is "" Her block is called "The Heart of America." Some of our quilter's are almost finished their block squares, so we are really getting this project off the ground.
I thought I would list our Esty contributors who, after giving much consideration to what they wish to contribute, are currently working hard towards their goal. Not all have come up with their idea yet, but this is a compilation of what we have so far:
Robin Woods, Astrodome and it's helping hand to Katrina Exploration;
Betsy of;
Cassie Bautista, Oklahoma Bombing;
Debi George,;
Vicki Eversfield, is brave enough to contribute two blocks: Tragedy-Columbia Shuttle Disaster, and Triumph-The Space Probe of Saturn;
Ev Arad and her daughter Ellie, doing a project together;
Ellie, Awareness;
Lora,, is dedicating two square in memory of a infant son and infant grandson both lost to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death)
Andrea Gerig, Disaster of 9/11
Pamela Baker,, the Aftermath of 9/11
Janine Maves,, a commemoration of those lost to drug abuse.
Others artists who are also participating are: Marion Lake,;
Alisclair, Triumph; Alis is contributing (2) squares intribute to the Royal Nat'l Lifeboat Institute (a 24-hr charity lifesaving group in the UK and Republic of Ireland.
TracyCasey,; Marion,;
and Jackie, - all of whom their work is still a masterpiece in design!
Please stop by and visit their shops also. While they are still working on their various artistic handmade talents, are busy creating a square for the "Tragedy and Triumph" Project.
Anyone else interested, please convo me at my shop.

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