Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy 2008 - Another Year

Hopefully the sun will be in my horizon as I start the New Year, or let's hope so anyway. I spent New Year's Day doing absolutely nothing as I stayed in my pj's all day, the result of a few cocktails the night before. Of course it didn't help that the night before (New Year's Eve), my daughter called at 12:03 am, my oldest son called at 12:15am, then my other son called at 12:20 am. Although they were at the same party, they each felt the need to call separately. Then at 1:05 the phone rang again, with another New Year's greeting - thank you, sir! If that weren't enough, when the boys came home at 4:30 am, I got a "play by play" account of their adventures of the evening. As they finally passed out, the kitty's decided it was their turn - meowing for their breakfast. So at that point I figured what the H---, I got up made my coffee and went on Etsy. Am I addicted to the forums? Well, it that is how I started my New Year, I would say, yes!
The next day I clicked on Crafts of Texture, by Sarah, which is connected with The Storque. I don't know how many of you read Crafts of Texture, but they have great stories, and reviews of different shops, etc. Anyway, I was surprised to see they had opened with something I had written - of course I had to save it, and will share it with all of you.
MagdaleneJewels said...
Happy New Year - although it has only been a week, I have missed my daily "Crafts of Texture" - learning what is going on in the rest of the artistic world. Let's hope for all of us to have a successful journey through each other's shops, while we learn more about our own craft through your different articles. Hope to submit something again soon.
love Pam -
02 JANUARY 2008 12:08

I have mentioned a few times in different blogs the shop, "artisanimpact" - if you check one of my Nov blogs, I have a picture of a ring I bought from them. The artists, Oded and Ilan, and of course Ev, are currently working on an international catalogue, of which I will have an ad in also. Not only do they do beautiful metal working in their jewelry, but they have become my Etsy "mentors." When I originally opened my shop in Aug, I was photographing all my jewelry on dark backgrounds, thinking that would highlight the crystals. Ev "artisanimpact" suggested I re-shoot my jewelry on a white background. They said it would highlight my work, and perhaps bring more sales and attention to my shop. I started working on reediting my work, during the holiday week; on New Year's, as I had just listed one of my necklaces that I had just redone, within less than 15 minutes it sold. Of course, I immediately had to convo, Ev, to thank them for their suggestion, and let them know how right they were. What a way to start my New Year - starting with opening the Crafts of Texture first entry for 2008, and then a sale!

I often read in the forum the many suggestions and critiques that Etsy buyers and sellers make. No one ever disrespects another's work, there are always compliments, support for each other, and help when needed. In the words of my son's as they see me sitting at the computer, "it's Etsy time!" and know I won't be moving for a while.

I can't end my New Year's greeting without mentioning the "Boomers" team - for all of us "oldies over 40". Although I just joined them, I enjoy the chats. One of them during the holiday started with how much one has accomplished during the holidays, and we ended up with stories of our adventurous Christmas tree climbing kittens! So although today is only the 5th day into the New Year, so far things are looking up.

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Pam said...

This is a beautiful blog. The colors, the layout, everything! So impressive. Your quilt idea is such a thoughtful one. I will look forward to hearing more about it when it is approved.