Sunday, November 25, 2007

Trying to be Creative

Another Sunday, it is almost 4pm and haven't accomplished a thing. Today was going to be my "get my butt moving making jewelry" day. I have 2 Christmas Fairs coming up, next weekend and the following weekend. As of yet, I haven't started. I think I have Etsyitis, I get involved in reading the forums, then say ok, just one more thread; and an hour later I am still sitting here! So much to do and so little time, but I know I will eventually get everything done - when?
Anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I haven't even made an attempt. If you live in NY you know why. Every shopping mall or store has lines a mile long, or just attempting to get into the parking lot adds another hour. The best time is to sneak in during evening hours, where we walk around saying "ok who do we have to buy for" or "I don't know what to get this person."
Once I get past birthday's then maybe I can think about Christmas. In our family, we have 5 whose birthday's are in November, mine included. My daughter's is on the
27th, in 2 days, but she is all taken care of - thanks to etsy shopping! Oh yes, not to forget myself, I cheated and bought myself a gift for my birthday on Etsy. I have to give credit to 2 great jewelry (metal working) artists from Canada. They had hearted my shop on Etsy, and I always like to check into a person's shop who had time to visit mine. Anyway, yes, I did buy a beautiful ring from them - so I will have to mention them - "" - really you should see their shop.
They were really nice to work with, and also showed concern when I hadn't convo'ed that I received the item. But thankfully it did arrive the next day, and I not only emailed them that I received the ring, but sent them a pic of me wearing it!

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