Saturday, November 17, 2007

Theater Group

Besides designing jewelry, quilts, etc. I am also involved in a local theater group, The Ft. Hill Players. I am on the Production Staff as the costumer, and make-up artist. It is something that runs in our family, My daugher -who is a Board Member, also directs, acts, and has been stage manager for many of the shows. Coincidentally, my mother started out as a make-up artist for this same theater group, then starting acting, during the 50's. Last year I went from behind the scene's to front stage - directing and acting. I did a play called "Letters from an Artist" based on the Off-Broadway play "Love, Janis" which is based on the life of Janis Joplin. As I did the narrating of Janis' letters, my daughter, Kelly, was my inner Janis, acting out the stages of her life, right up until her death. My son, who directs and films for a local TV Station, did the music for our play. ps - We did great "glowing" reviews! So hopefully this January, I plan to act and direct another one act play for our group.

The picture is of our Production Staff. I am the one sitting on the desk in front and my daughter is standing next to my left.

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